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Hymn-a-Day: 75

Good morning!

This past weekend, Blizzard Nemo arrived. It was a tremendous amount of fun, and there will be a post coming up soon with happy pictures of that.

Beyond playing outside in the snow, the mountains of snow banks and the eerie sound of shovels hitting ice outside my window all day yesterday didn’t make me want to go outside. But alas, today I had to, fairly early in the morning. Beyond taking the blueboots out in half a foot of slushy melted dirt-snow, it wasn’t that bad.

Today, after dropping off BrownBear at work, I came home to find that there were few parking spots available, and ones that were available were marked off with (coincidentally) green folding chairs. I suppose it is a winter survival tradition here on the east coast, and I am not sure how I feel about it,  if I should be put off by it or join in. It’s the first winter where I had to manage park between two snow banks. Needless to say, it took me four times angling in and crushing snow to make it into the snow cocoon.


After a brief venture outside this morning, I was truly appreciative and comforted by the combination of warm sunshine and cheerful chirping from the sparrows outside as I fixed a PB&J sandwich on Ezekiel bread with a banana on the side, and made my usual coffee.

With things getting busier and busier by the day with work things, I consciously treasured the short respite this morning before I hit the power button on my computer and got to work, as I do most days.

Quiet moments in peaceful reflection.

BrownBear often reminds me to Go to Jesus, tell Him all which is a part of a little song we know. The stanza of this Daily Hymn post I want to share with you today is along a similar vein. As I was driving through Back Bay this morning, waiting at the light for a constant stream of early-morning commuters to cross – they, bundled up and, more often than not with a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts coffee in their gloved hands, I saw many people whose faces told me that they could use a real friend to go with them and know their situation and case at work. It amazed me, for a moment, just to think about all the different difficulties each one must be facing but yet they trudge onward, and briskly at that, towards their offices with their stacks of papers, computers, and colleagues.

Perhaps, if I could, I would have pointed them to this:

Praise of the Lord-His Name

Day  20 – 75

2. Name that to our hearts is nearest,

Here the stricken soul doth hide;

Name that to our hearts is dearest,

As in Jesus we confide.


Even if someone doesn’t know of Jesus, or care for Him yet, I rather like how this stanza positions the name of Jesus as something close and comforting to our hearts. It can be a hiding place, and because He comes near to us, we have some time for what is near to become what is dear and a dear person in whom we can confide. I hope you all find comfort in something sunny in your lives today, and find a dear Confidant you can trust and rely on.

Writing to you all doesn’t count as work, so off I go to switch gears.

Until next time,


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