I drew Them with Cords of a Man (Hosea 11:4 & Romans 5:8)

Hello dear readers!
I awoke on this fine October morning feeling a pronounced sense of nostalgia for writing. I miss charting the adventures of the BlueBoots very much, and upon my morning reflections, I wrote a little song based on two verses – Hosea 11:4 from the Old Testament of the Bible, and Romans 5:8 from the New Testament of the Bible.

I hope that it touches your hearts as well and brings a warm smile to your faces. Enjoy.


A           A7              D                  D

I drew them with cords of a man

A                             D

with bands, bands of love

D                      E                       A

God commends His own love to us

D               E                A             A7

in that while we  were yet sinners (sinners)

D7         E            A    D           D7         A-A7

Christ died for us, Christ died for us

E                                                      A

that we would be reached by His love.

D7                     D                     A

By His love, he has drawn us to God.

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