Morning Revival Song

Capo 2

G                       C           G                          C

Walk with me Lord, walk with me Lord

D             G                   A7         D

You will guide my way into life,

D            Am                D       D7   G

You will guide my feet into light.

Bear me in grace, bear me in grace

Shepherd my soul, oft shaken and worn

My burden bear, by strength divine.

Grow in me Lord, grow in me Lord

You complete a work unto life,

Hidden, beloved, revealed in time.


Look into me, look into me,

Thy precious person, in me infuse

Make me a pearl, precious to You.

Come and shine, come and shine

Burn in me, till I can’t but love

Thy lovely light, and Newness become.

Come and revive, come and revive

Living One, Faith and Truth

Living One, Lord make me life.


Come and save, come and save

You are my way, You speak today

D                  Am   D   D7 G    Am Em

You are my way, to be today.

E-C    Am7               D

Lord I need you so now

D               D7-G

I love You Lord

G         A     D

Lord I love You.

G        A     D.

Lord I love You.



[october 2010. chords written for guitar]

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