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What is the On the Table with Dr. Sanae Podcast?

A gastronomical + scientific series exploring how the experience of American food culture during childhood shapes adult tastes.

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Here, you can find a linked list to all the On the Table Podcasts, where each feature “dish” is ~ 10 min.


On the Table with Dr. Sanae – Episode 1

Episode 1 – June 21, 2018: Setting the Table: Why does it matter what kids eat? 

On the Table with Dr. Sanae

Welcome to On the Table. New Podcasts drop on Thursdays.

On the Table with Dr. Sanae – Episode 2

Kids’ Tastes….Do they become Parent Preferences? Hello, Taste Buds! Learn about taste buds from the womb to today in under 10 min.

On the Table Collective with Dr. Sanae

On the Table with Dr. Sanae – Episode 3 

 Comfort Foods Have you ever thought about why you crave certain foods?

On the Table with Dr. Sanae – Episode 4 

 Grown-Up Kid’s Meals

Did you grow up eating kid’s meals? I’ll bet you still eat Kids’ Meals today – let’s have a look.

In Episode 4 – we talk about about comfort food; the search for THE one, THE sandwich; Instagram’s effect on restaurants; and we spill the contents of the grown up kids’ menu.

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On the Table with Dr. Sanae

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