Daily Hymn

Praise of the Lord-His Divinity

Day 1 – 56

6. In Thee God’s fulness we receive,

Which fills from grace to grace;

In Thee with God we’re mingled here,

Till one in every phase.

Day 2 – 57

4. Embodiment of God Thou art,

And with Him ever one;

In Thee is God expressed to us

Beyond comparison.

Day 3 – 58.

3. The Word of God – how rich, profound,

His testimony shown;

Within the Word Thou art declared,

That God should be made known.

Day 4-59

3. True image of the Infinite,

Whose essence is concealed;

Brightness of uncreated light;

The heart of God revealed:

Divine, O Son of God, art Thou,

In Thee God’s fulness find we now.

Day 5-60.

1. Of the Father’s love begotten,

Ere the worlds began to be,

He is Alpha and Omega,

He the source, the ending He,

Of the things that are and have been,

And that future years shall see,

Evermore and evermore.

Praise of the Lord – His Humanity

Day 6 -61.

5. Now over all, and on the throne,

Thou, still a man, art glorified;

A man with God in light divine

With whom our God is satisfied.

Day 7-62
4. In the time which God appointed
thou wilt come, dear Lord, again,
with the glory of the Father,
still appearing as a man.
even on the throne of judgment
son of man Thou still wilt be
and with this, our human natur

Day 8-63

3. o wisest love! that flesh and blood
which did in Adam fail,
should strive afresh against the foe,
should strive and should prevail.

Day 9-64

3. Unsullied blaze of glory!

O ever-radiant Face!

Thy rich, unfathomed story

Transfigures us ingrace!

Made like Thee, soon, completely,

With love-lit eyes we’ll scan

God’s face unveiled so sweetly

In Thine, Thou Son of man!

Day 10-65

1. Jesus! that name we love,

Jesus, our Lord!

Jesus, all names above,

Jesus, the Lord!

Thou, Lord, our all must be;

Nothing that’s good have we,

Nothing apart from Thee,

Jesus, our Lord!

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