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GLOSSYBOX Beauty Box Review

Living in an apartment building means I get to see the usual stack of subscription boxes (beauty, food, clothes…) amongst the packages in our entry way. I was SO excited to receive a new-to-me beauty box picked especially for me with products from around the world in the January 2017 GLOSSYBOX! New year, new beauty goals? I think so! I’m reviewing @GLOSSYBOX_US below, so have a look!


While I’m very much in the clean beauty space and have some definite favorites, I also think it is a lot of fun to discover what gals around the globe might be trying. My box included brands from France that I wasn’t familiar with yet and – it seems they know me well already – they included an multi-use blush and lip stick (have you seen how much I love both the  W3LL People and Bite Beauty ones I tried in 2016?). They have a long list of brands they select, from listed here. The GLOSSYBOX would make such a fun just-because present. You fill out your beauty preferences (or that of your bestie), they pick what you might like, and you get it in the mail.

Simple & fun.


They mailed my box to me with a sharpie in it to get on the INTENTIONS and GOALS train for the new year. I doodled in French, since I’m a francophile, and the box had some nice French products in it so I’m on theme. 🙂

{My #glossygoals

“Une nouvelle aventure pour BlueBoots:


“A new adventure for BlueBoots.” }


What do you think? 

In my January 2017 GlossyBox:

something for body

something for face

something to help my eyes look alive

something for prettiness

something for hair

I’ve been trying the oolution eye love(get it? “ooo!” solution!) eye cream (anyone else getting super tired by the end of the week?) because my eyes are showing signs of fatigue these days. It has more than 65 active botanicals, goes on smoothly and dries soon enough for me to put my under eye concealer on after. It doesn’t have a scent and comes in a light tube easy to throw in your overnight bag if you’re traveling. I like it so far – I’ll keep trying it nightly. See more of oOlution eye love.

I also tried out this youth potion mask by Théorie des Volcans. It is rather interesting because it has amethyst in it. Initially I worry about the idea of crystals scraping my skin (if walnut seeds are too much…remember St. Ives in the news lately?) but the particles are rather small and I don’t do an exfoliating mask often anyway so I’m not too concerned. This mask smells really nice too, and I enjoyed putting it on while in the bath. The mask only needs to be on for 2 minutes, but I kept it on for about 5 with a loose count. My skin was smoother and softer afterwards, so I think I might come back to this one when it is done!

Isn’t this an intriguing batch of ingredients? Europe is almost always ahead of the USA in terms of caring for the safety of their beauty ingredients.

This volcanic paste captures impurities, redness and removes dead skin cells to clear and youngest skin. Natural formula: vegan / cruelty free / 90,6% natural ingredients. Zero phtalates, paraben, phénoxyethanol / silicone. Made in france. Patent + strong assets as cryo buds of hazelwood, amethyst extracts of precious stone, flowers and volcanic rocks.

See more of Théorie des Volcans. 


The Secret Flush by Universal Beauty Cosmetics  by Universal Cosmetics IS pretty. It is somewhere between the two W3LL People colors I have and love, #1 and #8. It is super tiny and stows easily in a clutch for touch ups while on the go. Plus, the polka dots are pretty cute. The consistency is on the lighter side, so it is nice to have some variety between lighter which you can layer, and more pigmented multi use sticks. It is a “flush” and not a real deep stain, so it is what you might expect! The ingredients aren’t as clean as my favorite natural beauty sticks, so I probably will stick to what I love already. See more of Secret Flush. 

They sent a body scrubber by Daily Concepts that, like a toothbrush, tells you by a gradually fading color when it is time to replace the bath scrubber. I haven’t yet tried it out, but I’ll likely try it with both body wash and a soap bar and see how it is! See more of Daily Concepts. 


They also sent a non-foaming shampoo by AG Hair in a very pretty floral packaged bottle. A lot of foaming soap products have extra additives that make them foam, so I’m pleased that this product doesn’t seem to have the foaming additives and has marine sea kelp. It also is supposed to work as a one-stop hair treatment – no conditioner required – so the fact that it takes a step out of the shower routine is a plus! It smells good, so I can’t wait to try that out. See more of AG Hair Cleansing Cream. 


Thanks, GLOSSYBOX, for sending some beauty fun over to me to start 2017 with a little extra pampering! <3

Want to give GLOSSYBOX a try?

Here’s how it works:

You can select a plan based on how many months you’re interested in (monthly, 3, 6, or 12 months) for ~$20, fill out your beauty preferences, and wait for the box to arrive (exciting mail, am I right?). 


GLOSSYBOX sent me this complimentary box to review. All opinions and photographs are my own – thank you so much for supporting the brands featured here on Where the BlueBootsGo that allow me to keep bringing you awesome content! 

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Have you tried any beauty subscription boxes lately? I’d love to know what you have loved/not loved and why! 

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