Eating Out

 After living in a place for more than 5 years, it becomes easier and easier to have recommendations about places to eat: this is the case with Boston (the list is much longer than the other cities, which I enjoy visiting but haven’t spent as much time there).

One of my fun activities is trying new places and finding favorite foods at those places. I’ll be selecting a few restaurants or cafes and writing a brief review about the experience in blog posts. They’ll of course be easy to find via the search option on the site, but also linked on the lists.

Hopefully it will be fun to read, and helpful if you’re in the area, or if you happen to visit any of the cities. The lists will grow, so check back :)!

Where the BlueBoots Go to Eat {Boston}

Where the BlueBoots Go to Eat {Chicago}

Where the BlueBoots Go to Eat {Los Angeles}

Where the BlueBoots Go to Eat {New York City}

Where the BlueBoots Go to Eat {Seattle}

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