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What YOU need to know about Brass Clothing and being a #BrassBabe-plus here’s $25 to try them out

Who’s a #BrassBabe? A female who wants to look chic without thinking hard about it.

Brass Clothing designs foundational pieces – what you need to be comfortable, go from work to a dinner out, or be dressy. Their pieces play well together, and I think they would like to tango with your favorite closet essentials too. They’re based in Boston and Brass Clothing is run by Jay and Katie, two fun, present-in-the-moment ladies who love hearing from their customers. Also, they have an AWESOME newsletter – it is the best one that I get in my email inbox every week, hands down. You need to read it. (Thanks, Brass!)

Read on for ideas on how to style some of my favorites I own + the link for your $25 to shop some fantastic foundational pieces for your very own closet.

When Brass does a Style Studio (where you can come in and try things on and have them shipped to you for free in 2-3 days) they have you bring in your 3 favorite pieces of clothing and see what they have which could complement what you have. How’s that for a clothing company? They’ve helped change how I think about dressing, how I consume and shop, and are simultaneously knitting together a community of conscious women who care about more than fast fashion. Boston Friends: they just moved into a new studio space, so if you’re in Boston, make an appointment to shop their Style Studio

Does this describe you at all? Are you curious? I think you might find a favorite piece :-), so have a look for some style inspiration and have fun.

I’ve styled everything with my own favorite accessories and pieces, through the seasons … including in the middle of the first big snow of the season!

I’m sharing today because I want to spread some fashionable love out into the universe and support the two fabulous women who brought their vision for sustainable fashion  very much to life. They have some really, really cool stuff happening  now – in Boston, in NYC, and as far as the internet reaches.

Some of you might remember this post I wrote, charting my experience of being one of the Real Models – representing a different type of model. To summarize, it was a “go for it” experience, and truly amazing. Check out the post for pretty photos by Lara at Studio Nouveau. If you need photography done (or want photography done for a lifestyle, wedding, portrait, boudoir, look her up! She has a beautiful studio space.) 

If you’re up for a little scavenger hunt, see if you can find which 3 of the clothes I’m modeling on the Brass site… 🙂  and comment below.

Are you in NYC? They just announced they’re bringing Brass to NYC to shoot Real Models outside of Boston. This is exciting! Sign up here to get on their database of more than 800 awesome, inspiring women. They also have something up their sleeve for Real Models outside of Boston and NYC, so if you are interested, sign up and you’ll hear about it first :-).


To encourage you to check Brass Clothing out and make some wardrobe lifestyle changes…

<<<Brass is giving you $25 off your first purchase ($50 or more) to try them out with this link!! <<<<

Here are some of the pieces I have personally (and are on heavy rotation – I grab them in every season). 


New Balance Letter to My Future Self #myfutureself

White Blouse (S)


Striped T-Shirt Dress (M) 

The mailing list … what does that get you? 

The breakdown: 1) The first comes out on Friday and has something about a particular clothing item, or features some of the Real Models, looking professional and boss as anything. You find out about new additions to the collection right away and can shop before its available to others. 2) The second comes out on Sunday and has just the types of interesting, motivational pieces about women or what’s going on in the world – things that you want to be reading on a Sunday night, while sipping your beverage of choice, on your couch or in bed getting ready for the new week.

They’re active in their community in Southie too – they co-manage a space with @jsgd and have fun stuff planned to get people together. Thumbs up! Find them at @space_bos

Sleeveless Shirt Dress (M)…as a VEST in Boston // as a DRESS in Montréal



Tank Maxi (S) 

cuyana hat

Tank Maxi in Dove Grey (S) – So comfortable, and perfect for layering

Brass clothing

Striped T Shirt Dress (S)

Brass Clothing Striped T Dresssummer style


The A-Line dress in White (S) winter!


The Fit and Flare (S)


Tank Maxi in Navy (S)



White Blouse (S) Ponte Pants (M)


Cocktail Shift Dress (M) – so glam!

To summarize:

  1. Check out the Brass Clothing story and follow their journey – they’re on Instagram @brassclothing and have a blog too. 

  2. Get their mailing list too :-). You get 2 emails a week.

  3. Browse and maybe that will lead to shopping… 

  4. Get curious and interested in sustainable fashion

  5. Support other women who are rocking their dreams.

Alright, I’m done gushing about Brass Clothing. But I wouldn’t do this for just anyone <3

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