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New Song: I Drew Them with Cords of a Man (Hosea 11:4 and Romans 5:8)

Hello dear readers! I awoke on this fine October morning feeling a pronounced sense of nostalgia for writing. I miss charting the adventures of the BlueBoots very much, and upon my morning reflections, I wrote a little song based on two verses – Hosea 11:4 from the Old Testament of the Bible, and Romans 5:8 … Continue reading

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Speak in Me – 1 Samuel 3:9

1 Samuel 3:9 … Speak, O Jehovah; for Your servant is listening. I just started to sing this very simple and ordinary song as a prayer last Monday. There have been many different variations since then, so this is just one of them. I was just touched this past week that God wants to speak … Continue reading

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There is a river whose streams gladden the city of our God – song

I enjoyed Psalm 46:4 very much since last week. Just reading this verse in the Bible makes me smile! Out from the enjoyment came a little tune… Ps. 46:4 -“There is a river whose streams gladden the city of God.” We are drinking from this river. The divine life flows in the divine nature as … Continue reading

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For the Joy – Hebrews 12:2 – a new song

Am       C        Am         C For the joy set before Him, G                 Am He endured the cross G                          C Despising the shame. G            C           G                     Am         G Christ saw the church and loved Her, Am        Em And loved Her… C          Em     F Lord, in … Continue reading


My God is Excellent in All the Earth

capo 3 D                G                A My God is excellent in all the earth D                G                A My God is excellent in all the earth Em             A                  Em                 A His name is glorious; His name is exalted D                A7         D            A7 I boast in Him, I trust in Him, D7                              G    F               G because You have … Continue reading


Morning Revival Song

Capo 2 G                       C           G                          C Walk with me Lord, walk with me Lord D             G                   A7         D You will guide my way into life, D            Am                D       D7   G You will guide my feet into light. – Bear me in grace, bear me in grace Shepherd my soul, oft shaken and worn My burden … Continue reading


Psalm 110:3 We offer ourselves

G    Em                            C     G We offer ourselves to You willingly D          A7     D7 In the day of Your warfare, D7       G                   Em C                 G In the splendor of our consecration G    Bm         Em  C        Am7      G Because we love You, we        desire Am7     D to refresh You – D               C                                              G Like the dew from … Continue reading