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Firstly, WELCOME to my adventure! Thanks for stopping by. I hope that you will enjoy traveling along with the BlueBoots.

I am a creative scientist. I aim to save the world, one child at a time. But, never mind that: here, I will focus on some of the more delicious, sweeter (and saltier) things in life.  You can wipe the sweat off of your brow now.

I’m learning from all the ordinary  little things what life is for.I’m deepening my pursuit of God and learning how to allow His perfect divinity to embrace my imperfect humanity. No, I don’t claim to be super spiritual or religious – I’m not. All what I endeavor to be is a normal enjoyer of God. The key word there is normal. Contemplating the synergy of God and man working always for a single purpose (God’s)  occurs oftentimes from the vantage point of a beloved stone bench by the Atlantic Ocean, from the backseat of a car, on a brightly-colored couch, while waiting at a stop light, at a cafe, on the T, on a long walk, sipping a steaming latte in front of a full-wall panoramic window, in front of beauty.

And  sometimes, words appear out of thin air and wrap the moment in a tight embrace before dropping gently onto paper.

My faithful readers know not to expect too much in the way of frequent visits, but I hope it is worth the wait when I find my way into a cozy patch of time in which I freely engage in what I love to do: I read, I eat, I observe, I consider,  and I write. Words, tastes, and colors are, for all intents and purposes, easily interchangeable. They have each warmth and body in their expressiveness and often what I “see” in each develops into poetry eventually. My philosophy on poetry: it’s not only written or spoken.

I am often amused by the collective result at the end of the day, which, is often like a series of splashes on a canvas that I’d never dream of planning to paint all together, but when I step back and look at the combination , I find myself saying, “hey, not bad.”

The title of this blog, “where the blueboots go” is inspired by my trusty blue boots. “Wearing” blue boots liberates me to enjoy the best of all sorts of splashy situations. Where the BlueBoots Go is a space where I am free to explore all sorts of new artsy, culinary, and regular Adventures in Normal Life and share them with you.

So, here we are. BlueBoots … and you.

Enjoy ~ Work in progress ~ Style in transit ~ Destination upcoming.

Next stop: come along, and we’ll see! 

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