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“And a Half”

One highlight of the past week to cap an otherwise pleasant and quiet night was a spontaneous evening surprise, when we popped over to the Omni Parker House Hotel for a taste of the original Boston Cream Pie and a dose of New England History. As we tasted the Boston Cream Pie, $9, shared, we looked around at the decor and for a brief and rare moment, I was transported back to the late 1940s, post WWII, as I looked at the dark wood detail and chandeliers around me. My husband and I pictured what the dining room might have looked like – mostly similar- and sounded like. Instead of Sinatra crooning on the radio, we pictured a small band in the corner with an instrumentalist plucking a bass line, punctuating laughs over the murmur of many casual conversations.

The dessert was good, but much less creamy and more textured than other renditions of this popular flavor. B kept saying that this was really special, and insisted that we celebrate our “and a half,” a between-month wedding date anniversary. (If that doesn’t make any sense, don’t worry about it. If it does, feel free to follow suit.) With a chuckle, I agreed – why not celebrate?IMG_0274.JPGIMG_0275.JPG



What do you think this looks like? The composite of our spoon sweepings looks a little like an eskimo to me.







quite a star-studded list in New England, and American History!





On our way home, we stopped in the Boston Public Gardens to find out what the ducks do at night. I report, they weren’t doing any one activity: some were swimming in circle formation, some were sitting on the lawn, others were walking around slowly on different banks of the ponds. IMG_0295.JPG

IMG_0293.JPGSo, celebrate all of your “and a half” moments!

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