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The Many Poses of Foil Man

This is Foil Man.

Born out of a moment of creative frustration, my roommate twisted a scrap of foil into a dignified fellow. It was an accidental encounter, you might say, but a pleasant one.

He spends most of his days reclining on the kitchen counter. Foil Man has tried out a few other backdrops as well, for his occasional photo shoot. Peanut  m&ms in a glass candy bowl are quite a lovely backdrop for his photo shoot, don’t you agree, dear sirs and madams?

Oh yes, yes – candy coated chocolate isn’t healthy, you say? He ought not to encourage an over-indulgence in sweets through subtle marketing?

Yes, of course.

How about a nice tart citron?

A bit bored of modeling, he has since moved on to more intellectual, albeit, still leisurely activities, where he now resides on a bookshelf – surrounded by great literary works.

What better way to chill than to rest upon a cool pitcher of ice lemonade, portrayed by a poet whose inspirational topic of choice includes delightful quips about lemonade…novels ecrit en Francais…the tale of a mouse’s first day at school…and of course, the Bible?

He also has similar tastes to the owners of this abode: he can appreciate a good selection of tea.

Since birth, he has…well… suffered a few injuries. From jumping off Tea Mountain, he dislocated his shoulder and arm.

His joints and sinews were fortunately quickly repaired with a red Turbana Banana sticker. He now continues to reside comfortably, alongside an Egyptian camel, a pair of turtles (one hailing from Belize, and the other from Mexico), and a well-traveled purple bear, where they all enjoy peaceful days strolling through ebonyshelving woods and smelling the scents of good reads, old and new.

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