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Hymn-a-Day: 79

Good morning! It’s a sleepy Monday morning in Beantown with lazy flurries drifting past my window. This morning, I tried not diving to my phone, iPad, or laptop (not even to check the time) and spent a few minutes with a hymnal and read a short passage in a book I’m on my way to … Continue reading

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The Many Poses of Foil Man

This is Foil Man. Born out of a moment of creative frustration, my roommate twisted a scrap of foil into a dignified fellow. It was an accidental encounter, you might say, but a pleasant one. He spends most of his days reclining on the kitchen counter. Foil Man has tried out a few other backdrops … Continue reading

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Tales of Noz

This is a tale of a little brown princess, who has attained, perhaps, the age of two at this time. She happens to live next door to me, and her name is a mysterious, Noz. ______________________________________ One wintry Saturday, I was strolling in my neighborhood and I became aware of a gentleman and his little … Continue reading