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The Virtues of the Pita – Part 3

The pita has pockets.

Corduroy the Bear liked pockets. I like Corduroy the Bear ==> I like pockets too.

I never liked purses and bags. They were cumbersome, they got in the way, and they were heavy. My pockets were often stuffed with wallet, snack, keys, gloves, etc – even more so during the winter seasons, growing up. When I grew taller and bigger, pockets on my pants and in my jacket became disappointingly small in proportion to the new gear I had to tote around, and I reluctantly gave in and bought a bag.

Nonetheless, the convenience of pockets, and ones of a proper size, is clear.

Into those pockets in a pita, you can… cross cultural bounds and make:

– a toasted PB&J sandwich where the jam has a 75% higher chance of staying in the sandwich than a regular sandwich bread.

– a quesadilla, with corn, cheese, grilled chicken, salsa, and peppers.

– and thus, any sandwich you like. Fill it. Toast it. Roll it. Easy.

One thought on “The Virtues of the Pita – Part 3

  1. NaNa~you make me smile! We have a pita place here in town and I was so craving one today so when I read your pita virtues, I wanted one even more! Guess I will have to put it on my to-do list for tomorrow.

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