Where the BlueBoots Go to Eat: {Boston}

Are you looking for a place to eat in Boston? Here are my top picks, and places I’ve been to. Want to see a post for any of these places or a review of the food and photos? Let me know in the comments section. Any questions? Recommendations of your own? I’m happy to receive comments, and respond.

Bon Appétit!


Favorite Japanese:

Douzo (Back Bay)

Favorite Desserts:

Deuxave (Boston)

Favorite Cupcakes:

Georgetown Cupcakes (Newbury St)

Favorite Taiwanese:

  • Taiwan Cafe (Chinatown)
  • Dumpling House (Cambridge, between Central Square and Harvard Square)

Favorite New England Fare:

Fireplace, Washington Square, (Brookline)

Favorite Pizza:

  • Pico (South End)
  • Dirty Water (Newbury St)

Favorite Brunch Spots:

  • Zaftigs (Coolidge Corner)
  • Henrietta’s Table (Harvard Sq)
  • Aquitaine (South End)

Favorite Café Spots:

  • Thinking Cup (165 Tremont St. Boston, MA or Newbury St)
  • Flour Cafe (Back Bay, Central Square)

Favorite Italian:

Boston has some good Italian food, but after trying a number of places, this slot is still “to be determined”…looking to fill this spot!

Recent Restaurants I’ve Tried, organized by cuisine:


  • Bibim, Korean, (Allston)


  • Red Bones, BBQ, (Porter Square)
  • Sweet Cheeks BBQ (Fenway)


  • Chacarero (Downtown Crossing)
  • Barcelona (Brookline)
  • Tasca Tapas Restaurant (Brighton)
  • Fogo de Chao (Copley)
  • Oliveiras (Everett)
  • CasaB (Somerville)


  • Hop & Scotch (Coolidge Corner)
  • Hamersleys (closed…)
  • Coolidge Corner Clubhouse
  • Reagle Beagle (Coolidge Corner)
  • Top of the Hub (Boston)
  • the Living Room (North End)
  • Rialto (Harvard Sq)
  • Ten Tables (JP or North Harvard Square)
  • evoo (Kendall Square)
  • Brickhouse Pizza (Brighton)


  • Gari Japanese Fusion (Brookline)


  • Coast Cafe (Cambridge)
  • Tupelo (Inman Sq)


  • Giacomos (North End)
  • Al Dente (North End)
  • Scampo (Liberty Hotel)



  • Sepal (Cambridge)
  • Viva Café (Harvard Square)—closed
  • Andala (Central Square)
  • Oleana

Fast Food – neighborhood or local chains:

  • Tasty Burger
  • Lee’s Burger (Coolidge Corner)
  • Raising Cane’s
  • Shake Shack
  • Ana’s Taqueria


Recent Cafes I’ve Tried:

  • Café Fixe (Brookline)
  • Fuel America (Brighton)
  • Tatte (Kendall Square)
  • Tatte (Brookline)
  • Café Luna (Central Square)
  • Life Alive (Central Square)
  • 1369 cafe (Central Square)
  • Cafe Vanille (Beacon Hill)
  • Render Coffee (South End)
  • Café Madeleine (South End)

Recent Dessert Places I’ve Tried:

  • crumbs cake shop (south station)
  • Finale (Harvard Square)
  • Petsi Pies (Cambridge)
  • Cafe Japonaise (Boston)
  • Bar Boulud (Boylston St)
  • Blackbird Doughnuts (South End)

“Old” Favorites

  • South End Buttery (Brunch and Cafe)
  • Brown Sugar Café (Boston)
  • Victoria Seafood (Boston)
  • Clear Conscience Café (Central Square)–closed
  • Crema Café (Harvard Sq)
  • Greek Corner Cafe (Cambridge – Mass Ave)
  • Aquitaine (South End) for Brunch
  • Muqueca (Inman)
  • clear flour (Brookline)

Where next?

  • Masa (South End)
  • Eataly! When it opens 🙂
  • City Girl Cafe (Inman Square) for Brunch
  • Greek Place in Brighton
  • Sofras
  • figs (Charles St)
  • Estelles (South End) Southern comfort food
  • Mei Mei’s in Brookline
  • Sarma

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