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Casa B {eating out Boston}

This past fall, we had a wonderfully fun time on a double date with friends of ours who recommended this place in Somerville, only a short drive out of the city of Boston proper. Although I did not take photos of every course of the fusion tapas establishment – fusing mainly Columbian with Puerto Rican cuisines in small plates – I enjoyed the food and will do my best to describe the foods we tried and liked a lot!

The first page of the menu describes the cultural tradition behind this restaurant.

When you enter, you go down some narrow stairs lined with artwork and end up in a cozy room where at the bar, people can opt to sit in elevated loveseats. 

Can you tell that the flatware is quite small?? Mini flatware for mini bites. 

Tablas: a wooden board where an assortment of snacks are served

We ordered tabla de quesos: chef’s selection of three cheeses, serves with guava preserve, figs with dulce de leche, and salted spanish almonds. The pairings were quite nice. The figs were scrumptious with the dulce de leche. If I recall, there was a strong blue cheese, a goat cheese, and a sheep’s milk cheese. We would get the cheese plate again; they do a good job pairing flavorful accompaniments with the cheeses. There was a wall of greenery in front of us paneling an entire wall, and a wall of wine bottles on the other side. The overall effect: a living room retreat in the dining room of Casa B. 

tapas: an appetizer, or small plate, served hot or cold.

Out of the Tapas de Carne, we tried:

  • carne mechada + gnocchi de yuca. This came out the last course, as it probably took longest to prepare. We wished we had it earlier and ordered a little less because the flavors were really nice, and gnocchi had a pleasant bite.

I don’t think we tried choripan  (guava and chorizo? can’t have too much of a good thing) because it was out, but I would like to. Out of the Tapas de Mariscos we ordered:

  • cóctel de camarones costeño
  • camarones rellenos de yucaCandles were suspended in terrariums above us. 

Out of Tapas de Vegetales we ordered:

  • papas fritas
  • rollitos de aguacate
  • buñelos

Pinchos: a vegetable, meat, or seafood served over a slice of bread

Out of the Pinchos, we ordered:

  • sandwich de bistec 
  • chorizo al jerez For dessert, we had possibly the best tres leches cake, a three milk cake with a yummy meringue and cinnamon. Our classy dinner partners, S & M, who brought us here.….y nosotros. It was a lot of fun to try fusion cuisine within the latin and central american flavors – I’m happy to have had the chance to discover some of those differences at the Casa B table. We visited Puerto Rico for the first time last year, so it was neat to taste a mixture of familiar types of foods with an authentic latin twist.

If you head over to Casa B, let me know what you think of your meal and experience!

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