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Winter Desserts (including a tantalizing Trifecta of Tastes) @Deuxave

After a nice dinner at home, we visited our favorite spot for seasonal desserts to celebrate 20 months wed. We seriously wanted to try 5 of the desserts from the winter dessert menu, but in the end we settled on one adventurous and exotic pick, and a classic.

But first, isn’t this table setting from our dinner chez nous charming? The lights from the tealights hit the vase and intersected to produce a warm and fascinating effect. It was a perfect synergy of vino, light, and flowers. 

Allow me the pleasure of describing this juicy and flavorful feat of cuisine…

I would describe this dessert as juicy, refreshing, and layered with textures and flavors that worked beautifully together to leave a light and pleasant finishing touch to the evening meal. Firstly, pistachio, grapefruit, and pomegranate are an impressive trifecta that must be praised for a wonderful combination. I will be sure to remember this combination when improvising in my own kitchen. A panna cotta-type cream, combined with spongy cake, fragrant grapefruit sorbet that melts in your mouth, and juicy pops of pomegranate, with a slightly tart and tangy syrup made every mouthful interesting. You should hurry in to try it if you can – in case you haven’t heard (or believe it) spring IS still coming.

Grapefruit Posset :

Pistachio Angel Food Cake, Grapefruit Campari Sorbet, Pomegranate-Pink Pepper Syrup, Pomegranate SeedsCrème Brûlée:

Vanilla Crème, French Roast Coffee Glace

It is a classic, and every spoonful of this kind of dessert (although, a little less brulée would have been great that night) is what I imagine falling through a tiny little frosted lake of sweet, warm goodness might be like, without any of the danger of drowning. Opposite imagery, I know, but when you test a crème brulée like Chef Gordon Ramsey does, you will know what I’m talking about. Perhaps you see the snow, piled high on the once-visible patio. They recently got new chairs – they have backs now so you can rest assured during a drink or dessert :). What do you think of the décor? I quite like it.

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