Sunday Afternoon at Exeter St.
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Sunday Afternoon at Exeter St.

In the drawn out tranquil moments before sunset, all I observed was just peacefulness with being alone yet very much not alone. He seemed so comfortable in his own created space, right there out in public in the middle of the city. Continue reading

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A Bridge Peek into the NYC Sky

We are en route to Philadelphia on our second road trip of the month. I finally caught this shot! Yes,  I tried and failed to get it last weekend, so this is exciting So far,  I have read 5/6 of April’s Real Simple magazine (learned how to repair a jacket button, and how to clean … Continue reading

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Six Sizzling Chilis and a Lime Chicken

Sometimes, I just get these ideas for food. I wake up thinking of food ingredients and as if I were moving puzzle pieces, I slide them along in my mind (or the inside of my eyelids, depending on the time of day or night) until the pieces fit together. As a child, I awakened on … Continue reading

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Tales of Noz

This is a tale of a little brown princess, who has attained, perhaps, the age of two at this time. She happens to live next door to me, and her name is a mysterious, Noz. ______________________________________ One wintry Saturday, I was strolling in my neighborhood and I became aware of a gentleman and his little … Continue reading

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It took a Whole Revolution to Explain a Few Things About Me?

I came across this NYTimes article this evening on the Egyptian morale, disposition, way of handling difficult situations and the current depression and dire situation that I referred to in my previous post from the Kirk Beattie talk at Harvard last Wednesday. While the article does portray a useful and sobering view of the Egyptian … Continue reading