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A Bridge Peek into the NYC Sky


We are en route to Philadelphia on our second road trip of the month. I finally caught this shot! Yes,  I tried and failed to get it last weekend, so this is exciting

So far,  I have read 5/6 of April’s Real Simple magazine (learned how to repair a jacket button, and how to clean an air conditioner among other things) had orange chicken for lunch, and am snacking on Wegman’s honey almond cheerios and swiss milk chocolate squares. I also told an entertaining story to my travel companions about a Little Banana in Panama who falls off of a tree in a forest, and a Fairy Godmother gives him twig legs and arms, magnify him to the size of a five year old child, and created a new armadillo friend (transformed from a bush) to take him on the adventure of his life. That was just Chapter 1 of my “audiobook.” 😉

A few hours left in the car so I hope it flies by quickly. What do you all do on long road trips to keep yourselves busy? I would love to hear them in the comments section! !

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

BlueBoots,  reporting from somewhere between NY and PA.

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