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The Virtues of the Pita – Part Two

The pita is simple, soft, spacious and strong.

What if we could eat those qualities and they could, somehow, become a part of us?

Arguably more versatile than rice, pita can be served with sweet or savoury fillings and used to contain, scoop, dip, and accompany many types and temperatures of dishes.

The pita is versatile.

My parents live about a 20 minute drive from a Pita Bakery, where they sell Turkish, Syrian, Lebanese treats such as commonly known Basbousah, Baklava, Halva, as well as an aisle of jams and less-common preserves such as rose and mint. Every time I see my parents or visit, I take back with me a 12-pita bag of fresh pitas, baked daily, from Pita Inn and once I arrive home (which has been many places), I open the freezer and pop them in. They keep extraordinarily well in the freezer, and are ready to go with just a quick defrost. If you don’t have a local Middle Eastern bakery near you, most grocery stores seem to carry them near the deli.

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