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La Chocodilla

Chocolate betwixt slices of soft bread – sound delicious and familiar? Chocolate crepe, anyone? Everyone has those quick snacks that they fix at home to fill a craving. These Chocodillas – a quesadilla made with melted cocoa almond butter – is an extremely easy snack with just enough yum that won’t fill you up before a meal. Plus – chocolate. Need I say more?


When I’m feeling down, chocolate sometimes does the trick. I know there are some of you who don’t enjoy chocolate much. That’s OK. Pass this along to a friend who does and we’ll be OK.

Making a crepe at home is something I have yet to do and when you’re at home and don’t have a whole lot to work with (think back to college student days…or now, if you are a college student) you improvise.


Flour tortillas are a staple in my house. I pull them out when I need a little substance and am not feeling up to making something big. They’re versatile. What are your favorite flour tortilla recipes? I’d really LOVE to see them, please send them over! <3

These chocodillas taste like a chocolate nutella crepe but can be prepared in <5 minutes. I’m not kidding!

I used everything à la Trader Joe’s – the cinnamon sugar grinder, butter (salted if you like just a hint of sweet+savory), cocoa almond butter. I prefer the cocoa almond butter to nutella because it tastes better to me. Plus, it comes in a glass container – better – and can be heated on the cast iron briefly to soften it for use, and because it does NOT have partially hydrogenated fats – better for your heart.

Make La Chocadilla 

Step 1: Heat a cast iron pan to low-medium heat


Step 2: add a small pat of butter and grind cinnamon sugar on top

Heat the tortilla on the same pan, coating one side with the light amount of butter and cinnamon sugar until the tortilla is a good temperature (starts to bubble up)


Step 3: Spread cocoa almond spread on half the tortilla

Step 4: brown the tortilla a bit longer, then fold over, slice and serve.

Kids in France often have something similar – bread with a piece of dark chocolate – for the 4 pm goûter, a regular snacktime. You won’t find kids in strollers snacking on cheerios while they’re being pushed around town – they are taught to eat at particular times, and to eat heartily at that. (Something I learned in Bringing up Bébé by Pamela Druckerman. It is a very interesting and funny social read, whether or not you have a child). Kids have breakfast, lunch, goûter, and dinner. C’est tout.



Complete your Chocodilla with berries and pomegranate seeds for a fresh juicy finish.

Thanks for visiting – elevate your snacktime! 

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