Sunday Afternoon at Exeter St.
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Sunday Afternoon at Exeter St.

In the drawn out tranquil moments before sunset, all I observed was just peacefulness with being alone yet very much not alone. He seemed so comfortable in his own created space, right there out in public in the middle of the city. Continue reading

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Dans la cloche

I was calmly folding laundry and looked out through this by chance. Glass and how light plays in it are intriguing. Continue reading

Quick Thoughts

happiness bounding up the avenue

Puppies. Dogs. Cuddly, wiggly, simply delightful. I look at them, and smile inwardly and they strain at their leashes, wriggling and jumping with their half-smiles, trying to get to me. I guess I wear my heart on my face when I walk around town? Yes, I love you too. Continue reading

Quick Thoughts


The very fact that I have a home and am almost home as I cross from Mass Ave onto nearby streets brings a very real sparkle of joy. Just consider:what makes home really home? I start to think about our warm, inviting living room with its deep red, mocha, and rich undertones with a few … Continue reading

Adventure in Normal Life

Why, BlueBoots?

The question is inevitable. The moniker BlueBoots came about recently. Here’s how. – – – – the + background + story – – – – Prior to moving to California, I had just gone through 2 pairs of boots, at least. One was a sturdy, more-or-less heavy and clunky Man Boot. At least, I felt … Continue reading