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Why you might need a “Pandemic Purse”….or two

Restrictions might be easing as US COVID-19 vaccination rates rise, but face coverings and hand sanitizer aren’t going away yet. Although retail therapy may (or may not) have been one of your coping mechanisms during the pandemic, it is likely that you have certainly adapted and changed some behaviors. Reassessing personal values, adding health and safety practices, or seeking shortcuts and conveniences have factored into my lifestyle changes.

Purchasing a versatile “pandemic purse” surprisingly became one of these pandemic-time shortcuts. Here, I share a great option for a “pandemic purse.” With a hands-free cross-body style, this option provides easy access to face mask/sanitizer/phone essentials for a range of activities, from outdoor exploration to running errands at the grocery store alike.

An additional perk: a “pandemic purse” also doubles as an awesome travel-friendly accessory.

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Lifestyle changes during the pandemic

2020-present day has been rough all around. Taking shortcuts and prioritizing convenience when possible have become much more important. I’ve certainly made some lifestyle changes.

For example, I’ve become increasingly familiar with all the walkable outdoor spots near me – the best places to simultaneously take an outdoor picnic to enjoy mealtime, get some Vitamin D, fresh air, and exercise. Outfits tend to the more casual and comfortable styles. While I had probably only ordered delivery once or twice before the pandemic, with longer work hours, delivery became a good option . In addition to the convenience, delivery offered a safer way to pay with contactless payment. Delivery also allowed me to still support more local restaurants and smaller businesses in my area without dining out.

Having all what I need close to me in a “pandemic purse” has been a great personal lifestyle shortcut. It has helped me ease new stressors from adapting the ways I used to do the most basic things.

Purposeful Purses

For my lifestyle, purses are primarily a functional aid, and secondarily a style feature to me.

Generally, I prefer zippered purses. An active lifestyle means I don’t want to have to worry about my essentials spilling out while on the go (yes, that’s happened often enough to me). In the height of health restrictions, I also wanted quick and easy access to my hand sanitizer. I would rather not reach into a clothes pocket (if I happen to have one), or unzip and rummage in my purse. I also want to have an easy place to stow my mask to so as not to leave it dangling from my arm or lose or drop it.

What to do?

A great “Pandemic Purse”

With a little searching, I found a great adjustable cross-body option for a “pandemic purse.”

I like this one because of the following features:

  • both (1) zippered and (2) outside pouches
    • a plus: the outside pouches are discreet – they are the full height of the purse and can be worn close to the body for convenience and safeguarding belongings
  • hands-free
  • cross-body
  • suitable size
    • Inside zippered pocket fits a ID/card holder wallet, phone, keys, reusable grocery bag, lip balm, sunglasses, mask, purse hook
    • Outside pocket can fit an iPhone in one pouch, and hand sanitizer spray, lysol spray, and hand cream in the other outside pouch
  • unfussy, minimalist but still versatile style
  • available in classic colors – black, rustic twig, dark cinnabar, and other woven or color-block styles
  • adjustable length with knotted strap
  • well-made (by Madewell 🙂 )

Shop my “pandemic purse” pick from this post:

Shop my favorite hand sanitizer spray here

Other “pandemic purse” ideas

Belt bags/fanny packs/sling bags can be other great and functional options to carry essentials hands-free on a walk or while running errands. What differentiates these options from the one I share here is that this one has two outside pouches to enable easy access to what I need without touching too many other things in the process.

During the pandemic, handbag sales took a dive, but seem to have risen again: Town and Country Magazine notes record-breaking handbag sales again. While some of these sales may be of designer bags, adding a function and stylish accessory like a convenient “pandemic purse” that may make life just a tad more convenient might well contribute to this trend.

Have you found new shortcuts this past year? I’d love to hear – let me know in comments!

Until next time, stay safe, and I am wishing you a more convenient, healthy, and happy season!

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