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Work From Home Makeup Essentials

Looking for glowing, natural and non-fussy makeup that benefits and doesn’t just cover up your skin? Follow my adventure through clean beauty! Find advice for what to look for when exploring a new brand, resources, and my signature work from home makeup essentials, featuring tried-and-true clean beauty finds.

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Let’s talk clean beauty

“Maybe makeup isn’t for me?”

Over the years, I had spent my fair share of time at Sephora. Under the bright lights, I observed flashy colors, new brands, and tried and purchased plenty of shiny tubes. It didn’t take long for me to decide that maybe makeup didn’t make me feel more like me. Besides that important piece, I didn’t use product quickly enough, the formulas often irritated my skin, had a smell I didn’t like, or weren’t quite the right shade – no matter how the makeup artists tried to convince me of what was perfect for me. I assumed that people were just accustomed to suffering skin irritation and it was normal to just layer on foundation and concealer to cover up skin problems. Just the store associate and I would ever know – otherwise, any afflictions would stay a secret.

All skin is sensitive

Did you know that your skin is an organ? Like its more famous essential partners, your brain and heart are carefully guarded with the right nutrition, rest, and care. Skin is the largest organ in the human body. With such a large surface area, skin deserves the best we can give it.

All skin is sensitive. For years, we’ve maybe bought products advertised for sensitive skin. But, many of these products still have ingredients that are restricted for their associations with potential harmful health effects. So, if I can avoid it, why not choose safer skincare?

The people difference: the importance of seeing people as people and not $s

Although the bite beauty lipstick I wore in the photo above is not available any longer, I also use rms beauty lip2cheek and it is similar on me.

My clean beauty journey started in the summer of 2013, when I serendipitously passed and ultimately stopped into a new, small skincare boutique in the South End of Boston, Massachusetts called Follain and met founder Tara Foley. I instantly felt at home in the space with gentle light and calming aromas. Though I didn’t know it at the time, Follain and Tara Foley would become my first guides in my own clean beauty journey. Follain provided a safe learning environment and commitment to offering individualized recommendations – the best for each client – from friendly and helpful store educators.

Rather than getting the sense that the store saw $$s when I walked in the door, they built brand loyalty by seeing people as people. I got to know the educators by name and I attended events where I met the passionate founders of clean beauty and skincare brands like rahua and rms beauty. Their desire to build community and demonstration of real interest in cultivating trust makes a difference, and you can read more about my experiences with exploring clean beauty brands here.

I began to be interested in ingredients I put ON my body in addition to where I’d previously been focusing – on what I put IN my body.

Since 2013, Follain has grown into a national brand. Last year, they developed their own affordable and effective line of skincare – still with the commitment to each customer finding the right product for them with their Perfect Match Guarantee. So far, I’ve tried and love their moisturizer and lip balm

P.S. Follain is having their spring sale – 15% off and free shipping! I’ve got my eye on some concealer and foundation with SPF.

Do your research – but have fun with it!

An eternal student, I learned about individual ingredients. I found brands with active multi-tasking ingredients that I tested and found to make my tight, dry, irritated skin look and feel better. I’ve written about my exploration of many brands – you can often find out what I’m trying in real time on the @bluebootsgo Instagram.

The tide is changing as more customers are paying attention to ingredients and putting purchasing power with it. Clean beauty is now something you can find at places like Target, Whole Foods, Anthropologie, and Sephora. That said, empower yourself as a consumer! Check the ingredients with the help of resources like the Environmental Working Group to see if products you use are EWG Verified (they also have a Healthy Living phone app so you can access their resources on the go).

My Current Work From Home Makeup Essentials

During an increase in working from home in 2020, I focused a bit more on skincare. With daily video calls, and wanting to match the way I felt inside with the way I looked outside, I decided to explore makeup in the same way that I had been exploring clean skincare.

My simple, clean beauty work from home makeup essentials feature some skincare-powered makeup – makeup that uses active levels of ingredients in products that benefit the skin, not just cover it up.

Do your research. Find performance-driven products where the brands emphasize transparency of ingredients and their commitment to helping you find the best match for your health and wellness.

Below, I linked products I am currently using In my simple clean beauty makeup routine. In some cases, I have been using these for a year or more. I also listed the shades I use in italics in case it is helpful to you.

My signature everyday look

I’m planning on doing a little simple video tutorial in the future since some have asked for one!

clean beauty makeup look by bluebootsgo
Wearing Ilia Beauty Chromatic Eye Tint Liquid Eyeshadow in Hatch and Balmy Tinted Lip Oil in Tahiti

Foundation & Concealer

  • Jane Iredale Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation in M8 and M9shop here
  • RMS Beauty “un” cover-up concealer in 33shop here




AMA Clean Beauty – Ask Me Anything!

If I can help to answer any questions about what to look for when exploring a new brand, or if you have questions about any of the products I use or have used, please reach out. I’ll be happy to try to point you to resources or share my experiences.

Share your preference

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