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10 ways How I’m making the switch to clean, organic health and beauty 

2016 is thus far holding up as a brand, new year of lifestyle change and trying new things.

Fueled by an increased desire to be healthy (germs, you don’t own me), and have the energy to do all the activities that bring me happiness and balance, I’ve been making a new effort to pay attention to what my body says and look for signs that things are not in balance, address them, and make changes accordingly.

A number of these changes have to do with surrounding myself with products and practices which support a wellness lifestyle. I’m starting small, and here’s a few bits on how I’m mak-ING (in the process, that is) the switch to clean, organic health and beauty.

  1. One of the most common exposures we have is to hand soap. We wash our hands often (I hope) and it is important that hand soap is free of harmful ingredients that I highlight in my earlier post. Local boutique, Follain, has a clean and free policy which  is a  comfort mainstay now for our household when it comes to having a resource to go to for help when making major changes.  

2. Making the atmosphere pleasant. Burning candles can be an irritant when oils are synthetic. Sometimes, it even makes me asthmatic. Clean burning and sustainable candles with mild scents are important! Follain just came out with this candle fragranced with essential oils bulgarian lavender, bergamot, amyris, cedarwood, vanilla, and highland lavender.

This is my favorite instant relaxation candle from Amber Blue. It is perfect for bath time and before bed, or if I’ve just had a really stressful day.  

3. Safe beauty products. Anything that I put on my face and can potentially end up ingesting, like lip products, has to be safe. Remember how you’re not supposed to eat artificial coloring? That includes makeup, if you think about it.

4. Teatime for the herbs and the ritual calm. I’m also learning to pause and hydrate with herbal infusions that actually make me feel good. I’m indicating what works for me, and I love rooibos teas and chamomile and lavender infusions, as well as toasted rice green tea, and turmeric ginger tea.

If you’re feeling under the weather, or want to prevent yourself from getting under the weather. try my recipe:

spiced immune support recipe


Teatime is a soothing ritual. In fact, I’m having a cup right now!

5. Waking up to fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice (or waking up TO squeeze the grapefruit juice, is more accurate) is becoming a favorite winter ritual. It is delicious and nutritious! Remember to keep some of the pulp. 


6. I’m also practicing mindfulness and kindness to myself. I’m learning to be present and live with intention. It is so easy to be distracted as projects in different arenas of my life crop up around me, sometimes, like weeds. Even today, as I was sitting in meetings, I resisted picking up my phone to check something that I was afraid I’d forget to do later. These are small works of art that integrate intention with inspiration and I have them at work and at home. Having pretty reminders of ways to be kind to oneself is so helpful, so if this strikes your fancy, check out the inspiréebys shop

7. Not only hand soap, but also shower products are important for a healthy scalp and hair. This is in the shower these days. 
8.  Especially in the dry winter, it is important to keep one’s skin moisturized. If you have breakouts, it is A-OK to try using facial oils. I’ve learned that breakouts can be caused by a number of things – irritants, allergens, hormones, and also dryness which encourages extra oil production and results in clogged pores and breakouts. What does oil do? It keeps skin moisturized and these beauties (Arya and Vintner’s Daughter) have helped even my skin and reduce breakouts nicely. They smell amazing as well. Better than any synthetic or “fragrance free” type treatment. These smell like the ingredients and essentials that confer function. 

9. Hydrate with lemon water. This is just something I enjoy. I like lemon water with my meals for flavor but also it seems to settle my digestion well.
 10. Finally, sleep is so important. I’m at the American Heart Association’s EPI/Lifestyle conference and a whole section today was devoted to sleep and how suboptimal sleep can put different groups of people at risk for adverse heart-related events.

There it is: my top 10  changes in choices for a healthier living for now: 1) clean and free hand soap 2) pleasant atmosphere 3) safe makeup 4) teatime 5) fresh rituals 6) mindfulness and kindness to self 7) shower products 8) face oil, 9) hydrate, 10) adequate sleep.

Are you on a similar journey, making small changes to inspire a happier you? What are some important practices you use? I’d love to hear! 

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.


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