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Rahua- meet the maker @Follain Beacon Hill

my writing inspiration – lemon soufflé tea. I love rooibus – and it is also good for the skin.

I’ve written about Follain a couple of times (here and here) as I’m a happy supporter of natural, clean beauty and skincare. As a student of nutrition and disease professionally, I believe that what we put on our skin can have as important an effect as what we consume for food and drink. I also like to support local businesses, having a small but happy one myself. Follain has a great newsletter with new products (they announce when they come out with new lines they carry, such as for men or baby) or when they have fabulous events or collaborations, often with healthy and yummy snacks, or fitness or yoga classes to celebrate wellness. I love the personal feel of these events, and look forward to attending more of them. Many of the events are “Meet the Maker” where the creators and brains behind the products come and meet with customers and often have a DIY project that customers can personalize and take home with them while learning about some special products.

After work, I just caught the tail end of the event for Rahua (pronounced “Ra-Wa”) and had a lovely time meeting creators Fabian and Anna Lliguin and their adorable little girl, Bella (who, by the way, was dressed like mommy in a navy blue dress and metallic silvery gold flats). The Lliguins are from New York City and were in Boston doing a tour to meet and greet. They are a charming couple – one a successful hair stylist, and the other a fashion designer who also forecasts trends. Together, they make a great team which has brought their heritage and passions together to add a series of great products as options for green beauty aficionados and those who are just becoming curious about it.

A few months ago, I was looking for a shampoo that both myself and my husband could use which was sulfate-free, gluten-free, synthetic paraben and fragrance free, propylene glycol-free, dimethicone-free and free from questionable ingredients. I picked this one up, as well as a travel size of the volume shampoo, and I like it! I often wash twice, to get a great deep clean and lather, and it smells fresh.

The star of the products in this line are rainforest grown oils which are 100% natural, organic, and vegan. We had a great chat about their products, and also about how special it is to raise their little girl in these times, and in an environment where people are increasingly becoming conscious and appreciative of clean eating, clean skincare and beauty, and supporting sustainable practices for a healthy environment. They are also going to be able to leave their daughter a legacy of such consciousness, and a family business that is meaningful.

Some interesting tidbits:

-Rahua products have been used at Fashion Week by stylists already who love them

– they’re excited that one of their newest hair products, a medium hold hair spray without all the bad ingredients that make you want to hold your breath, in combination with their styling cream wax and finishing treatment were able to work really well for adventurous challenging updos. Bring it on, hair styling!

-their dry shampoo is a light spray that is small enough to carry to work, or travel to the pool or beach, and smells like vanilla and anise.

With having a presence at Fashion Week, they are also starting to set the precedent for the use of clean products in the fashion industry, and often beauty and skincare trends trickle down from there to reach lots of consumers.

It’s really special to meet the minds behind products, especially when there are SO many items on the market and it is hard to know what is true/false and not know, so connecting clients with product makers really strengthens the connection and is right in line with mind-body wellness and a sense of community that is beneficial in a place like Boston. You can get the Follain newsletter here and find out about what’s going on near you – they’re open in Nantucket, in the South End of Boston, on Beacon Hill, and at Union Market in our nation’s capitol. Plus, they have beautiful stores and website and have even inspired pockets of my home decor.

 Everyone who came got a sample pack of goodies to try. I’m looking forward to trying the conditioner and finishing treatment. In the wild weather in the Northeast, it is always some issue with hair – frizz, or static, or dryness, or humidity…you name it. 

What a pleasure to meet you, Anna! I really enjoyed meeting you and participating in another terrific Follain event. Keep creating and inspiring healthy change, wherever you go, and all best wishes to you and your family:)!
P.S. a couple bonus outfit details 🙂 a simple dress and denim shirt, tied.   Thanks so much for reading! I hope you’re inspired to consider what’s going on your hair and skin – they’ll thank you later.

Until next time, BlueBoots.

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