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Of Follain & Figs…. 

I’m always so impressed with this shop , and it was a great turnout! The Follain team is also so friendly and helpful. While this is one of the hardest weeks of the year with work, I managed to take a pleasant break after a busy work day to fêter the grand opening of Follain in its new space in Beacon Hill.  I was happy to see Tara, the lovely owner, again and support the opening.

Follain = healthy wholesome sound, in Gaelic.

They debuted their mom and baby and men’s lines, shared fresh snacks and tasty cookies, and popped some champagne while busy customers chatted in groups and browsed the bi-level store. Pressed Juicery juices were available to refresh guests, and I enjoyed the apple, pineapple, ginger and mint one very much, especially after a long walk! It didn’t taste like sugary juice which is just right. I’ll be sure to check out more of the types, although I am not into juice cleanses.

Customers could sign up for the raffle, which included bath tea(what a concept!), a candle (which I have and love), moisturizing milk, a bath scrub among others.  The décor was on point and it looks like Follain had a fine welcome  by the looks of the cards and bouquets arranged around the store. My friend will soon be a new mom and was curious about the natural products so I was happy to have her along. 
That papaya was so perfect.       I also think that this box for the Lurk essential oil fragrances is just lovely. Wouldn’t it be great for a modern tea box??! I would love one.      That plant is charming and notice that it’s elevated on a cake stand! Points for versatility. And using small planters (I’ve seen similar at West Elm and Anthropologie) to hold lip products is genius. They’re deep enough to not show everything when you survey a counter, but wide enough to reach in for what you want. Definitely a decor tip to have and hold.

I picked up some rahua Amazon shampoo to try and my friend selected a peppermint soap bar made in Rhode Island with a loofah inside which smelled … alive. It started to get chillier, and we remembered we were close to one of the foodie favorites of Bostonians: Figs , where they have fig pizza, of course. We gathered our husbands and feasted on Rhode Island calamari with peppers, fig and prosciutto pizza, and a Red Sox pizza with sausage and red pepper and onions which was very balanced. The focaccia with olive oil was nice as well as the ambiance – small but cozy, with big windows at the front.   

If you’re in Boston and care about what goes into your skincare and beauty products, definitely check Follain out in the South End on Dartmouth St, or in Beacon Hill on Charles St.

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P.S. see links for some other cool articles about Follain, including a workplace tour of Follain on Apartment Therapy and the Everygirl’s interview of president of Follain, Tara Foley.

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