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Vegetarian Sushi Roll Dinner – fast! 

One night last week, we didn’t have much available to pull together for dinner. I had bought seaweed for another purpose but didn’t need it after all, so I thought this would be a great new thing to try to make. 

I pulled a few simple elements together for flavor and color, and it turned out great! 

Everything was found at Trader Joe’s and feeds two. 

What you need: 

– seaweed pack, one 

– one avocado – half needed 

– two large eggs 

– sriracha sauce 

– instant jasmine rice from the freezer section (if you want to make this quickly! Other rice is fine too) 

1. Beat eggs with a splash of milk and pinch of salt. In a large flat pan, add a bit of oil if needed and let eggs cook at low-medium heat. 

2. Slice avocado 

3. When eggs are done, slice into thin strips. 

4. Cook rice – the TJs rice is 2 minutes and 1 minute cooling.  

 5. Begin rolling! Put a half a teaspoon rice in the center of a piece of seaweed. 

  6. Place two small egg strips and one avocado piece on top.




 7. Drop a line of sriracha on top and begin to pack and roll the filling of the roll as you go. 

That’s it! 

It’s a light and cool summer recipe that can be a meal, or appetizers scaled for your entertaining needs. 

Enjoy, and I hope the start to your week is going well so far.


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    • Thanks so much for liking, commenting, and reposting this recipe on your blog! I hope your husband will be willing to try it out with you – it’s so fast and simple and features easy to find ingredients. Enjoy !

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