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RMS Beauty@Follain Beacon Hill

Last week, I had the dual pleasure of attending a very special event at Follain in the Beacon Hill neighborhood in Boston, MA and meeting Rose Marie Swift (pictured, middle), a fascinating makeup artist and creator of a stunning line of coconut-oil based organic products, RMS Beauty, a line for skin and beauty. RM zipped through for the night to highlight the natural beauty of a number of happy ladies. I was one of the 8 lucky gals who RM worked with to select some products, and I made a new Follain friend who did a beautiful job prepping my makeup – Jeannie, who is pictured at her station on the right. 

Isn’t this weeknight scene radiant?? I always love coming to Follain. Always.


As RM worked with different gals, she would often stop and grab everyone’s attention to share some words of wisdom. Most memorably, she stopped, threw up her hands and said something to the effect of, “Girls! When you want to check your makeup, N E V E R look down into your mirror. I see so many women do this – it doesn’t do you any favors. Look UP! Look up so the light hits your face. That’s when you look your most beautiful.” Point taken – thank you!! 


[the beautiful & colorful rms spread.]

I spy the skin2skin brush (which I bought and has made applying my usual makeup SO much better), solar eye polish, bronzer, modest lip2cheek, and a bunch of other natural, colorful pretties.

    [Jeannie prepped and smoothed my “canvas.”]

[such an honor to meet a quick-witted, say-it-like-it-is, frank woman with a firm aesthetic sensibility!]

   I saw one of the Follain shop girls, Isabel, wearing this brownish-red shade called “illusive” and she promised it looked good on everyone. I tried it out and agreed – it looked good on me too! So I took it home and have been wearing it most days! It is smooth, you can layer the color, and moisturizing for these winter days.


Frankie Kerr, the pup who accompanied RM was in attendance and soaked up all the snuggles and cuddles she could manage from EVERYONE, myself included. Puppy time is a plus. Follain, will you get a shop dog? 😀

I had a terrific time! I also loved connecting with the Instagram community (find me @nini4nana) and people all over the world want to come see the newest Boston-area Follain! Check out some of the top posts there – they’re beautiful and inspiring. 

 If you’re local in Boston and want to hear about these events right away, find @shopfollain on instagram or Twitter or head over to their page to get their newsletter – it begins with a kind note from Tara, founder of Follain, and highlights what’s new and new makers they have added. I actually enjoy reading it each month. They also ship worldwide if you’re not local, and have a spot in Union Square Market in D.C.

Until next time,


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