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Summer Refresher – Get Your Natural Glow on with Follain

For your freshest wedding looks, travel edition, you’ve come to the right place. Wedding season is upon us, and we tapped out at three beautiful affairs already. I used to not enjoy getting all dressed up because traveling with SO MANY extra products through TSA was a headache (is this a liquid or a gel?). I’ve been working on streamlining my routine so my wedding look is essentially the same as my everyday look with a little extra special TLC for my skin and hair. Curious? Read on for my current non-toxic favorites to help you get your natural (natural because it is YOU, and natural because it is non-toxic, organic gorgeousness to enhance the natural YOU) glow on for summer wedding parties or special events!

It’s glow time!

I’m continuing the non-toxic beauty + skincare conversation in partnership with Follain (healthy, wholesome, sound in Gaelic), my favorite local boutique source for all things nontoxic beauty. The Follain site has a blurb about the companies so you can get to know who creates your products. They test all the products before they come into the store (and online), and make sure that they’re up to par AND work. Clean substitutes for your old favs? Give these a try. 

I like to break up prep for a wedding into 3 easy sections.

Summer Glow Picks with Follain - get wedding ready!

The Night Before: Face & Body (1-5, 14 & 15 if needed)


1. Tammy Fender Epi Peel – I did this quick peel the night before a wedding and it smelled refreshing and slightly medicinal, but in a good way. Cleanse skin, apply it, wait 5 minutes, then wipe off with warm water and a wash cloth. It made my skin a smooth canvas for makeup the next day.

2. French Girl Organics Rose Lip Polish is a gentle, rose-scented salve with exfoliants. It smells delicious, like a rose macaron, and applies easily. Rub on your lips and let the oils soak in to soften your lips. Then, use a wash cloth to gently buff your lips to smoothness so your lipstick will apply smoothly and evenly the next day! IMG_3599


3. Farmaesthetics is a local brand, based in Rhode Island. Their Midnight Honey Bath and Beauty Oil makes you smell sweet and smooths your skin after bathing. Apply all over for a treat of smooth, moisturized skin.

farmaesthetics nourishing lavender milk and midnight honey oil4. Farmaesthetics Nourishing Lavender Milk is an easy way to relax before bed, and after a day of travel to get to your event. I like to apply it on my arms, legs, and all over for a relaxing finish.

5. Captain Blankenship’s Avocado & Peppermint Oil Balm. Don’t forget – your feet need love too. I apply to the bottoms of my feet at night to soften calluses and parts that get stressed from walking around. Doing this the night before and after an event where you’re walking around, perhaps on heels, or dancing ensures your feet get the love they need to keep serving you well. Scoop a little into a reusable sample tin and carry it with you for traveling, or for cuticle care.


The Day of: Makeup & Hair (6-15)

summer glowing non-toxic makeup from follain6. rms beauty solar eye polish. The rms tins are SO portable. They’re the easiest to travel with, and aren’t liquid or gel so they pass TSA. This shade is flattering on so many complexions and is a one-stop fix to giving a “ask me why my eyes look so pretty” effect.

rms beauty solar eye polish, illusive lip2cheek, living luminizer

7. Yarok Feed Your Ends Conditioner Leave in Spray. I spritz this liberally and it improves the overall condition of my hair, adding a bit of volume, and smoothing the surface for styling. *I’ll be talking all things non-toxic hair later this month, so come back for that! 

8. rms beauty foundation brush. I use this to apply my liquid foundation, but also to even out my concealer or do touch ups. I’m a no-fuss gal, so I have used this for anything face (and not color) related, including applying finishing powder in a pinch. The unique angle and swirl action you use when applying it evens the application in a satisfying way, where you won’t get globs of makeup in any place.

9. rms beauty living luminizer. If this is your first foray into natural, non-toxic, or organic makeup, stop right there and get this. It is a highlighter that blends effortlessly even without makeup, adding the right amount of glow to under your brows, on the top of cheekbones, or anywhere the light hits.

10.  ecobrow. For me, a finished look means finished brows. I tried this wax in LIZ because I had long used benefit’s gimmebrow but thought it was time to try a nontoxic alternative and see if I could do it. Although it requires more skill than gimmebrow (I hear Jane Iredale has a brow filler that is similar, though, so I have to try it) it fills my brows in nicely and is easy to fix (rub off any accidents in a second).

11. rms beauty illusive lip2cheek. multiuse, for lips and cheek, this color transports beautifully and is one of the few products I grab when I have to sneakily do makeup on the go – like in the car, on a plane, on the train. It is the best – it really does look good on everyone!
w3ll people expressionist mascara

12. w3ll people mascara in pro brown. It layers without clumps, and I haven’t experienced irritation. I’m a happy customer. Plus, the price is right!

13. w3ll people bio correct multi action concealer. Tiny tube, great coverage, blends well. I use ‘medium’ (I could do the next shade up in summer) and apply this either without foundation, or for special events, over my foundation (which already has good coverage). In a pinch, I grab this to spot correct places around my nose, chin, and under eye that might need some anti-red correction.

14. Farmaesthetics Blemish Tincture. This is a natural blemish spot treatment that targets the bacteria that causes owies. I haven’t tried it yet, however it is in stock, and reviews are good, while the favorite (#15) I have is currently out of stock (but getting restocked soon!)

15. Osmia Spot Treatment. Gentle scents make this a great option for people who have pretty reactive or sensitive skin, but still need to quell that zit quickly. Traveling with a spot treatment makes for a happier morning preparing for a special event – don’t be caught unawares!

After Party Care (16+17, & repeat 3 and 4)

16. Ursa Major Face Wipes. After a big day of fun, few people have the energy to do a usual nightime routine. You do need to take off the makeup, though, my friends, or else you may need spot treatment the day after. This refreshing, cooling wipe is a treat to look forward to. Also, perfect for the plane on the way back to wake you up before you get to your next engagement.


17.  Orgaid anti-aging mask. If you have time for a bath soak (I travel with bath salts in case I encounter a tub + need to destress), give your face some anti-aging love with this flat, travel-friendly and affordable mask ringing in at $8.  Bring one for you and a friend-perhaps the bride? They also have brightening and nourishing masks.

With these lovely, organic, natural beauties, I created these three different looks at weddings.

//Wedding 1-evening

//Wedding 2-evening


the dapper and the darling - bluebootsgo

//Wedding 3-daytime

the dapper and the darling - bluebootsgo

I hope this helps make the transition to picking some good-for-your-natural-glow products easier! As always, send any questions you might have about any of these products and I’ll do my best to respond. <3

cheers blueboots

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