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Tales of Noz

This is a tale of a little brown princess, who has attained, perhaps, the age of two at this time. She happens to live next door to me, and her name is a mysterious, Noz. ______________________________________ One wintry Saturday, I was strolling in my neighborhood and I became aware of a gentleman and his little … Continue reading

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It took a Whole Revolution to Explain a Few Things About Me?

I came across this NYTimes article this evening on the Egyptian morale, disposition, way of handling difficult situations and the current depression and dire situation that I referred to in my previous post from the Kirk Beattie talk at Harvard last Wednesday. While the article does portray a useful and sobering view of the Egyptian … Continue reading

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Egypt: The Revolution and Its Repercussions

Tuesday night after my midterm, I was standing outside a classroom at Harvard on the opposite end of the hall waiting for my friend to come out of class, and as I glanced up at the bulletin boards that span across the wood paneled walls, I saw a couple of things that interested me: One … Continue reading

Adventure in Normal Life

Why, BlueBoots?

The question is inevitable. The moniker BlueBoots came about recently. Here’s how. – – – – the + background + story – – – – Prior to moving to California, I had just gone through 2 pairs of boots, at least. One was a sturdy, more-or-less heavy and clunky Man Boot. At least, I felt … Continue reading