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Urban Dweller

After a morning of quick errands by foot, I returned home to rest for a few moments on our couch. Besides the sounds of ambulance sirens peeling down the street, and the telltale sound of summer (drilling and construction), I heard the strongest sound of all in the mix which was incongruous with the others: … Continue reading

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Tales of Noz

This is a tale of a little brown princess, who has attained, perhaps, the age of two at this time. She happens to live next door to me, and her name is a mysterious, Noz. ______________________________________ One wintry Saturday, I was strolling in my neighborhood and I became aware of a gentleman and his little … Continue reading

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Mom’s Mouthwatering Chicken with Browned Brazilian Rice

Chicken & Rice. It’s a simple enough combination for a weeknight dinner. Ravenous on Monday night, I had a look at the chicken breast I’d defrosted and hadn’t a clue what to do with it, or with what to serve it. So, I simply didn’t think about it. I went over to the spice cabinet … Continue reading

Culinary Creations / Culinary Creations and Recipes

Caramelized Sweet’n’Spicy Ground Beef and Green Beans

I’m learning a little bit more about the lil “Cheffie” in me who loves to eat and cook all the time. For one, I have never been one to use a recipe beyond to check the temperature and the average amount of time a certain cut of meat needs to cook. But, for the sake … Continue reading