Korean Minced Beef and Onions over Rice
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Korean Minced Beef and Onions over Rice

Since I was a kid, ground beef dishes were among my favorites. As I grew older, went to college, and had the chance/obligation to cook for myself more often in the small kitchenette in the basement of my dormitory, I would gravitate towards cooking with ground beef. Growing up, it was savory ground beef with … Continue reading

Culinary Creations

Warm North African Fragrant Turkey Stir Fry Over Basmati Rice

Quick lunch of the day to share with you all : -one pound ground turkey -one scallion, chopped -handful of fresh pomegranate seeds -1/3 cup raisins -two heaping tablespoons ras el hanout spice -quarter onion,  sliced. Sautee onions in a tablespoon canola oil -1/3 cup labne -1/4 cup tomato sauce -salt and pepper to taste,  … Continue reading