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Christ is Everything

This passage helped me so, so much. True rhema, word of Life.

For this reason, God’s tearing down work, as well as His building work, goes on daily in many of His children. Daily “things” are torn down, and Christ is built up. This is the way God deals with His children.

In the past, God might have given you a thing; He might have given you a power for endurance. You were so sure of this experience that you could almost write down the words: “My problem with endurance is over.” Next you had to deal with humility, and God gave you another thing; He gave you the strength to humble yourself, and you were able to say that the problem of humility was also settled.

When another thing is not settled, you pray daily before the Lord to try to solve it. You are always busy solving this and that problem. You are always trying to deal with this and that question. You are always dealing with individual problems.

Brothers, God will take away many “things” from you; He will only give you One; He will only give you a person. This One will be your endurance, your meekness, and your love. He is the One who is.

When you have Him you can truly say, “God, You are the I am.”

This is Christianity. God is continually tearing down and building up. He will continue this work until one day we can say that Christ is everything.

But first, God wants us to confess within ourselves that Christ is everything.

from “Christ is All Spiritual Matters and Things” p.53, W.Nee.

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