Quick Thoughts

wake up!

speaking of operational definitions in psychology…

what about an “alarm clock?”

the kind of alarm clock that someone chooses can tell a lot about that person…

is it… a clattering old-fashioned alarm clock, echoing tinnily?

a chime? drums? a doorbell?

salsa music? a lazily strummed guitar?

the sound of your daughter saying, “mommmmmmy, WAKE UPPPP!”?

sirens? a clap of thunder?

a metal bracelet that calculates exactly when it is allowed to JOLT you awake at, supposedly, the best time in your sleep cycle?

your phone vibrating anxiously on the nightstand?

a relative assigned to shuffle in groggily and shake you or slam doors until you awaken?

a dog jumping on you and licking your face, “good morning!”

a cat curling up above your head?

the smell of coffee or bacon, with a progressively stronger scent?

a bot that ziiiii-ngs around the room squealing until you catch it?

or, is it a chorus of any of the above, set and timed at 10-minute intervals to make sure you get up for that early-morning run, or to take the kids to daycare, or to get you up in time to hit the power button on the coffee maker?

the process of waking up is mysterious, indeed.

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