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a little note

Dear friends,

Please pardon my absence these past months. For all intents and purposes, I have emerged from a chasm called Doctorate, Semester 1.

I’ve turned a corner this weekend and left my first semester of graduate school behind me. (Hurrah!) Although I’ve had many a point of interest to note during the recent months, I’ve deeply felt the absence of the heaping helpings of Time that inspiration demands in order to pen itself. Somehow, all my measuring utensils also seem to have shrunk, leaving inspiration to collect dust (and other things – perhaps shreds of paper, cracker crumbs, chocolate chips, craisins…) in a corner of my mind, buried under stacks of 100s of pages of literature on therapeutic indications and dietary requirements of Vitamin A,B,C,D,E…Z (just kidding – there is no vitamin Z – not yet, at least).

So, although we’ve all moved past the moment to share those stories and little laughs, there is still the promise of more adventures, more delightful discoveries of yummy bites, and very importantly, more fresh and new enjoyment of the Lord Jesus.

sincerely yours,


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