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Hymn-a-Day: 73

Good morning, readers!

Today’s theme, it seems, is centered on the letter ‘F.”

This weekend, I bought a big letter ‘F’ made out of cardboard. It was in the clearance section at one of my favorite creative shops (Paper Source) where I had gone with the goal of getting a bunch of goodies with my shiny 10% off coupon (mission: accomplished). It’s the first and perhaps, only, large letter I will purchase and it’s possibly for The Wedding. It was in the clearance section because of a battle-wound or two, as you’ll see in the next post. All things happen for a reason, including the random purchase of cardboard letters, if only at best to help me introduce today’s posts. But now, on to more exciting things…

I wanted to start off this week with a


hymn of mine.

Customarily, I like to bring out just one stanza to share with you, but this hymn is just too good that I’m sharing the whole hymn with you. I even sang it four times today, which is a lot for me.


Praise of the Lord-His Name

Day  18 – 73

1. Glorious, mighty Name of Jesus,

Into Thy dear Name I flee;

“Set aloft,” I praise and worship,

For Thy Name is victory!

love “into Thy dear Name I flee.’ Life has been a lot to balance lately, and we all go through periods when we need a hiding place from all our duties and challenges (spouting out from emails…textbooks…courses…countless windows open on a Microsoft program…creative decisions to be made…dot dot dot). In faith, I am encouraged and reminded to Flee. (There’s another ‘F’ for today).

2. Blessed Jesus! Mighty Savior!

In Thy Name is all I need;

Just to breathe the Name of Jesus,

Is to drink of Life indeed.

What else do I need? Simplicity is better. This is so beyond a mental understanding, but somehow, the name of Jesus is a huge comforting treasure hold of all that I need and am very aware of, as well as all that I need and don’t know of. That’s pretty amazing. When a man called  Job was suffering (Job 33:4) , he said something pretty cool which shows him knowing how breathing in God brought him life: The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty has enlivened me. In the whole book of Lamentations, men cried out, they called on the name of Jehovah (God) from the lowest pit, and in Lamentations 3:56, their cry out to the Lord was equated with their breathing: You have heard my voice; do not hide Your ear at my breathing, at my cry. Spiritually speaking, breathing and drinking in this context saves us out of whatever pit we may be in.

Breathing and drinking are two very normal things the living do. Continuing on in faith isn’t something out of the normal, but is very ordinary, but very necessary. That’s good – we all probably have no need of any more complicating tasks or duties, right? When God breathed into man’s nostrils in Genesis 2:7 to form man out of the dust of the ground, man became a living soul. The Hebrew word for ‘breath’ there is the same word for ‘spirit’ in Proverbs 20:27. Breathing the name of the Lord helps us to be in and to appreciate the sanctuary and the lamp of our spirit. It shines light where we need it and becomes a lamp unto our feet to guide us (Psalm 119:105) God breathed into creation a human spirit, which became a lamp of God and enables us to be a shining light whenever we flee into our spirit, that is, to go towards God in an inner sanctuary, safe and sound.

3. Glorious, mighty Name of Jesus,

Heav’n and earth its pow’r proclaim;

But forgiven sinners only,

Know the balm of Jesus’ Name.

How great is that – balm. Soothing…

4. Jesus! Jesus! Name most precious,

Balm in pain or mighty sword;

In Thy Name, we live and conquer,

Blessed, glorious, coming Lord.

Live and conquer. Victory. These are great words that declare: “Obstacles, you are not insurmountable in face of the glorious, mighty name of Jesus! “

What an empowering hymn, don’t you agree? I hope you’ve been encouraged at the beginning of the week, and as promised, another post is on its way today.

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