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DIY Bridal Shower Favors: Glitter Handle Wooden Spoons

In late October, I was browsing online for some cute DIY bridal shower favors to work on with a friend for a friend’s shower and came across a tutorial for DIY glitter handle wooden spoons. It was hard to find spoons in bulk, but we got the spoons at the Christmas Tree Shop in packages of 4, of all different heights (take your pick!). I later found out that they carry spoons for a reasonable price at Bed Bath and Beyond as well, in case any of you would like to give this a try. We followed the directions, purchasing colored twine, glitter in gold, dark teal, sea foam and used a foam brush to apply decoupage glue.

We did learn a few lessons, however.

1. you have to apply the glue evenly and fairly thickly the first time in order for the glitter to go on correctly.

2. the fineness or chunkiness of the glitter particles matters. The chunkier the glitter particles, the easier it is to adhere to the glue. For the finer glitter, several (3-4) rounds of glue and glitter were required to get adequate coverage.

3. I applied decoupage glue as a sealant twice at the end, waiting two hours or even overnight between layers just to be sure. These are supposed to be safe for washing and use once the sealant layers go on, which is why I thought they’d make useful as well as fun favors.

It’s not an arduous craft, so you can invite a few friends over to glitter and glue to their heart’s content. We got creative and made some with a trifecta of glitter colors (gold, sea foam, teal)  in stripes too, just for fun. Be sure to spread out a mat of some sort so glitter doesn’t get everywhere – tip – I used a washed old shower curtain liner as a mat for the floor and worked there. Then I could wipe or lint roll the glitter up that remained. 

The stamp is from A.C. Moore – aren’t the lovebirds precious?
wpid-20140131_150517.jpgwpid-20140131_150532.jpgwpid-20140131_150448.jpgwpid-20140131_150434.jpgAlso pictured is a DIY vase that my friend hand-designed and painted in gold. Aren’t they special? The shower and bride-to-be were lovely, as you can see on a recent post.

Enjoy the weekend!



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