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Handcut Cheese Crackers @ Home


I’m going through a vast collection of photos, and I re-discovered these photos from a little over a year ago. This was one of those challenges of “foods I have never made before” and I managed to make these from scratch successfully. They were de-lic-ious and very poppable as a snack. They didn’t last long, and it is a good thing because unlike their commercialized counterparts, everything was made with simple bakery ingredients you can pronounce and no preservatives (so, naturally, they don’t last for days and days). I hope you enjoy this Recipe in Photos! You can imagine all the variations possible – (e.g. chives, spices, etc) and when you’re making it in your own kitchen, you can divide up the cracker dough and try several different combinations of flavors.

*for ingredients and amounts and the like, you can refer to this recipe. Of course, I added extra cheese to my version :).ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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