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Day Trip with BlueBoots: New Hampshire and on to Maine!

We went on a foliage drive from Boston up North for the afternoon on Columbus Day after some work and taking the car to “the doctor’s”.

IMG_0336.JPGWe made a couple of stops along the way. Upon parking and looking around a rather grey and dreary Portsmouth, New Hampshire, we found out that the Stonewall Kitchen with the cafe, big shop, and cooking school were just 15 minutes away in Maine. We hopped back in and explored a bit, picking up a couple of yummy things to try and share. It’s kind of crazy that one can travel 2 hours and go through parts of 3 states in New England.




in York, ME, we went to the Stonewall Kitchen Cafe and Shop. They had these gorgeous indian corns for sale. I haven’t seen such beautiful hues in a while, have you?

Pie in the Sky is a corner grey house with a small storefront out front from where a couple who owns it dispenses pies such as chocolate pecan, blueberry, apple, and Jumbleberry Pie= 1/2 Maine Blueberries + 1/4 blackberries + 1/4 raspberries. Truth be told, I prefer the plain blueberry pie that a friend brought down for me to try a few weeks back (Thanks, A!!). But, I also like to give new things a chance 🙂IMG_0363.JPG


Dough Stars and Jumbleberrrrrry Pie and Trader Joe’s French Vanilla Ice Cream


After stopping by Pie in the Sky near Cape Nedduck, ME, we took a stroll down a side road. At this point, we stopped on a sidewalk-less street, paused crunching through the fading leaves on the ground and simply listened to the musical, peaceful, and beautiful sound of a gentle wind combing through leaves. In this person’s back yard is the York River and a herd of Canadian geese, just resting up and socializing. Isn’t that something?


That’s all for a weekend recap! Hope you enjoyed the photos.


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