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Mais de Lisboa


AdLib – caprese with a strong sheep cheese and prosciutto, and a light arugula salad.

And,   Little eggs and chouriço. The eggs here are orange.


Old Downtown. Praças abound.

     A little family business?         

El Corte Inglès supermarket. See the master chef Portugal logo? Official supermarket.

 Colorful street.

 Home-cooked BBQ at our hosts’ place.

 A fashion discovery moment – the blazer that was actually a cape.

 Subway art.

 Belem. The bay and the monastery gardens.

 Pastéis de Nata.


Traditional Folk Dancers from all parts of Portugal were on Parade. We also saw a flea market.

   Mercado do Ribeira a Caís do Sodre

I had pad Thai and an espresso…. Sustenance for the long heated days and tons of walking!
Each night, B would tell me a story to pass the time on the walk back from the Metro stop: a serial from The Adventures of Pongo and Rolo – two semi-imaginary dogs that I casually made up this week, when we were walking along late at night and a golden retriever dog and a dark curly haired companion were both bounding up the street together like the best of friends. This is the view from Nova Universidade do Lisboa that coincided with the “the end” part of the stories.

  The latest episode: Detective Pongo and the case of the Missing Nata. Sooooo cute, yes??? What do you think – will they make it to Paris?

 Until next time ….


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