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Hello, and Happy Thursday to you!

Most of you following along here aren’t here for style, which is just fine! But, it is a burgeoning interest and a fun way to express an art form nonetheless. Just as composing recipes is in its own way a challenging art form requiring some trial and error and practice to make sure the food is a) palatable b) innovative c)aesthetically pleasing, composing an outfit which meets certain requirements (such as, appropriate for work and stylish) can also be a challenging art form.

While I’m not the first to jump at sales and have to pick up the latest items, I do like to look around.  One of my hobbies nowadays could probably be called, Learning to Curate a Closet which has well-made, long-lasting, multi-use pieces that can even transcend many of the crazy seasons we have here on the upper right of the US. If I get enough Lessons Learned together I might write a post on it…but it probably will be slow in the making. 

I’d been following along a terrific blog, Cupcakes and Cashmere, with the style, home, advice, DIY of Los Angeles Author, Bloggerina, and now new mommy to a cute baby girl named Sloan, Emily Schuman, for perhaps 4 years now. I have friends in LA so she is one of the reasons why I always have a list of places to eat and go when I visit! ๐Ÿ™‚  I think it’s important to support other young and inspiring career women with a real voice to add. She collaborated with Club Monaco to release a mini capsule collection, and curated products for Birchbox this year in June, which some of you may subscribe to. Emily recently published a second book, specifically geared towards home decorating as she recently purchased a new home with her husband.

Most recently, she came out with her own line of clothes available at Nordstrom and ShopBop, and the rate of growth in her brand has been impressive. The design philosophy behind her line is to present pieces which speak to her aesthetic and are comfortable, stylish, and classic. Some people have written some disappointing critiques, which I find to be a bit harsh – I’d rather not share such comments with the whole world – but honestly, it’s probably to be expected with a new foray to have a few pieces that aren’t as well received. Some of the styles she likes don’t match what I like, but I don’t have a problem with that – I can appreciate her process and point of view all the same.

I picked out two stylish items that I thought would add to my wardrobe and have lasting use and value and I like them a lot! What do you think? 

I’m not a crazy shopper and will shop for a long time before I find THE items usually, but I dislike sending things back as well so I shop carefully. I got the Huntington blouse and the Presidio military jacket from Nordstrom, because they have a fantastic and quick delivery and free shipping and returns and I’ll be keeping these two. (Phew)

The blouse is 100% polyester, which isn’t my favorite fabric for hot, sticky, summers, but, it isn’t skintight, is somewhat airy, and has a looser flowy and graceful cut which is modest and stylish. Don’t you love those feminine roses? Fabric covered buttons go up and down the entire backside which adds a subtle different style I like very much. 

  Floral inspiration!

I paired it with a $24 very casual maxi dress (you can’t even tell I’m not wearing a skirt!) that I got from TJ Maxx many years ago which brings out the very shade of pink in the blouse, and these sandals from Clarks that walked all around Europe comfortably and are now often my commuting to work shoes (and are on sale now).


But, these would look great with jeans, a cream skirt, white jeans, a loose midi skirt, and others too.  I also picked out this 100% cotton, casual, military style jacket with four deep pockets, a longer length, and a hidden zipper and buttons as well. It fits me very well for size, and importantly, will transition well into the cooler fall which will come and be great for layering. It’s already been useful in the summer for nights when I just don’t feel like wearing a sweater.
 If style is your thing, check out Emily’s blog and clothing line (they’re all linked above!) and if you’d like to see more style posts, let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from you.



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