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Browned-Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies with Caramelized Walnuts 

I followed this recipe, which I saved once America’s Test Kitchen instagrammed this recipe and said it was the best. But, as per usual, I like to spice things up and make recipes extra good.

BlueBoots Tips to make my version:

🍪 use whole wheat all purpose flour. We are all about whole grains here, and I tried them and they work just fine. #healthier

🍪 use a mixture of mini chocolate chips and big chunks of 80% or higher dark chocolate. I broke up a giant Lindt bar for a decadent and terrific taste.

🍪 take walnuts to a lightly buttered and brown sugared pan and toss till caramelized. I made these walnuts for a salad prior and tossed these extras in- way better than plain walnuts! Walnuts are great nuts – eating them before a meal that may be fattier than you like can help prep your metabolism so you feel better after.

🍪 I always seem to have extra dough on any recipe and freeze the rest. Maybe I don’t eat that many cookies at once…. but I made 10 to share at work and about 10 for home, and still have dough in the freezer. Fresh cookies are better, so I like to pop the dough in the toaster oven for 8 min or so at 325 and enjoy while they’re warm. They keep well too, and were still delicious two weeks later. #selfcontrol


Try it out and let me know what you think!! Enjoy and have an awesome weekend.

  I very diligently and fretfully browned the butter. It wasn’t so bad,  but took a little effort for a first-time-butter-browner. 😄
  Adding the rest of the butter in to the stand mixer….
The chocolate chunks and mini chips.   

Caramelized walnuts.   
This was a rare time when I actually tasted the cookie dough, and enjoyed it, AND wanted more.


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