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The many stages of Peach Crumble 

Peaches reign in the summer as the royal fruit , fragrant, juicy, in season, and ripe with a full spectrum of illustrious choices,  culinary feats to enjoy : peach lemonade, peach sangria, peaches and pork chops, peach smoothies, peaches on cereal, peach salsa, peach vinaigrette, peach salsa with white fish, peach Popsicles, peach Melba, peaches and cream, and of course- peach crumble.

As summer wanes to a close, I monitor the stacks of peach crates at my local grocery store, checking to make sure they haven’t run out – it’s always a sad moment when the best of the crop is suddenly no more and then it really means summer is over, as far as I’m concerned.

I had a great time making peach crumble using this recipe from America’s Test Kitchen, which was available free yesterday, coincidentally on Instagram, and then sharing it with our neighbors over a rousing game of Ticket to Ride and decaf espresso shots.

It was sweet, hearty, and delicious. I do recommend it – the recipe wasn’t difficult to do at all.

Here’s what the stages looked like.

I used about 7 peaches. Washing, slicing, and then peeling was easy. The skin mostly came right off. Sugar and salt added to peach slices macerates them and causes them to make peach juice. Draining the peach juice makes sure that the cobbler doesn’t turn out goopy. 
  After about 25 minutes, you can definitely see a lot of reserve peach juice.   Now, to make the topping. Oats and chopped pecans, a 1/2 a cup each.  By the way, I love these Sur La Table measuring cups – I got a matching set of dishwasher-safe spoons and cups on a ring and they’re cute!
  Cool pats of butter, 6 tablespoons, makes the mixture into a nice sand. 
  Separating juice from peaches. 
Adding back a couple tablespoons of juice and lemon juice and vanilla. Then, pressing the peaches into a 8×8 glass pyrex.   Even topping.  Bake for 15 minutes, rotate in the oven, bake another 15 minutes.
  Cool 30 minutes on a wire rack.   Scoop!
  With premium french vanilla ice cream and/or whipped topping. Are you on Pinterest? Pin this to save it to your recipe treasure trove, and see what else I’m loving for Sweets here on my curated board.

Happy Baking.

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