Small Spaces: Tackling  Kitchen Cupboard Reorganization {home projects}

those of you who also follow me on Instagram might notice that not only are coffee and tea important and frequent presenters on my insta stage, but I have quite a lot of choice when it comes to drinking vessels of any kind. In a small living space, there isn’t room for a lot of anything, and cute mugs or glasses are unfortunately no exception.

It’s an ongoing challenge to overcome the tendency to have clutter, even with designated spaces. Although our dishes have pretty much stayed in the same areas since we moved in, unloading the dishwasher still results in a bit of strategic Jenga to get everything back in behind closed cupboard doors.  I was hit with a brilliant idea of a space saving solution  for our cupboards while browsing Pinterest online and the addition of a couple of affordable shelving solutions led us to  work together to transform our dish cupboards into an organized, pleasant space that flows well, just with  two little under cupboard shelves from The Container Store.

The best part? It was under $11 for two shelves because of their great shelving sale now! They’re removable, so they will be an easy to transport solution for our next place. I love it when home projects happen to coincide with $$ saving sales. The prize of feeling better about one’s home space is worth way more, too, so this was a profitable investment in sanity.

Aren’t they great?? Don’t they make you want a cup of coffee or some juice?


I’m a little more inspired now to get my living space in order.

  This book has been making waves – have you read it? I think I will get it soon and see if it’s as transformational as I have heard.

What space saving solutions have you tried and loved? Which ones didn’t pan out? I would love to hear in the comments! Don’t forget to check out the shelving sale if you’re in the market for a little apartment therapy inspiration.

Happy Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “Small Spaces: Tackling  Kitchen Cupboard Reorganization {home projects}

  1. So I finished the book the other day and i LOVED IT. I can understand why people say it’s life changing. It’s a quick, easy read too so you’ll plow right through it. I can’t wait to hear what you think. PS: love your little tinted glasses. How pretty! And I have a bunch of those Anthro bowls. 🙂

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