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12 quick things to make your Monday a little happier 

Sugarfina is coming to the Prudential Center in Boston, with the rainbow heaven of gourmet sweets from around the world. 🍭🍬. Follow along at #sugarfinaboston but they should be here in time for the holidays.
  This koala princess rules.    Fall has mostly beautiful days, when it isn’t cloudy. This is one gorgeous shot from Friday overlooking the Charles River and Cambridge across the way.

The Boston General Store, envisioned and brought to life by April Gabriel has made its home in Coolidge Corner, with an airy, woodsy, cozy ambiance in which to shop for any supplies you may need – from art tools, specialty  tea and coffee accessories, serving ware, candles, and much more.

Speaking of tea and coffee, here is tea and chocolate, married beautifully. This Masala Chai chocolate is delicious.
I’m in love with this new natural lip conditioner from one of my favorite spots – Follain. It’s by Ilia and the color is Arabian Nights. Great name, right? More on this later in another post.  

This is a happy weekend. Bocce, plaid, and fresh warmly colored leaves.   🍂🍁🍂

One of my lululemon grabs from the warehouse sale in Boston. (Bean town Throwdown!) pack it up, pack it in. That’s a whole hooded jacket in there!

 Save some time to play with friends soon, good idea, pups. 
Color therapy.

Yes, yes you CAN do well a Wise bag once said.

 Now, go make a cup of tea and conquer the rest of today. 😊

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