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Rustic Canyon {eating out Santa Monica, CA}

Now that I’m back in LA for a visit, I want to introduce you to Rustic Canyon wine bar and seasonal kitchen located at 1119 Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica, CA. Managed by the same group that owns Milo and Olive, Huckleberry, and Sweet Rose Creamery we tried this chic urban dining delight.

 Service was terrific – I was tired after a long hike and just wanted to sit down. They sat us very quickly on a busy Saturday night.

We ordered the milo and olive bread which was delicious. Hot, crusty bread is perfection. 

We ordered the roast chicken, prepared in the French vadouvan style with spinach. The flavors were comforting and the chicken melted. It was prepared excellently.

This malfatti with butterbeans, sorrel cache e pepe and egg yolk bottarga boasted a comforting, warm, delicious broth. It was exceptional.
 We had a great time and would recommend it!

Do you have any favorite fine dining  in LA or Santa Monica?




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