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Lately: A few favorite accessories + one EVERYONE can get

Happy Wednesday! Accessories are just so personal. Lack of accessories can make a statement of class and finesse paired with the right combination of streamlined wearable pieces. A single dramatic neckline (or back) can say more than a beaded necklace in some situations.

shoes sole society “jenn”//rag and bone jeans // top: from shake the tree boston //earrings chann lu from shake the tree boston

Accessories, those partners in style, can take up a lot of a girl or guy’s discretionary funds if one is not careful. Thinking sustainably, buying loads of cheaper accessories isn’t the way I’m advocating. I do like to curate a few pieces that I know are excellent quality and will get many uses, making the cost per use very small, or else, I make old things do new styles and make my own pieces.

Over the summer, I discovered that I loved brown leather. I got the most comfortable booties in a beautiful warm shade of brown from Naturalizer in the Nordstrom sale. I had paused wearing a family heirloom, my grandfather’s watch he gave me, for the summer because it was heavy and I didn’t have an alternate lightweight pal to tote along. The Daniel Wellington boutique opened in Boston on Newbury St. and I found a classy watch with some prime features – the date, rose gold detailing, and a beautiful brown leather band that would match my gold sandals worn all summer as well as my booties come fall.

I’ve been loving many shades of blue and navy with clothes lately, beginning with my favorite Navy blazer from J.Crew years ago (warm, goes with everything, well-made – if you can swing it, invest in this kind and not the one from J.Crew factory which isn’t as well-made)

So, with this love for blue, after the Dapper St. Mawes I had my eye on the Classic Somerset blue limited edition watch. It matches the sapphires in my wedding band which means it matches me everyday and is extra special. If you don’t  have as deep an attachment to blues, it’s a beautiful color and also comes in a warm red for now.

dress–> vest= brass clothing’s sleeveless shirt dress// anthropologie belt//daniel wellington classic somerset in blue // banana republic metallic grey shirt

If you haven’t checked them out, they’re classy and affordable – head over to their page and if you love something, you have until September 30 to use this special code for you, my readers – get an additional 15% off using my discount code BLUEBOOTSGO. 😄 something for you… a birthday …for the holidays… they’re coming up! Some of the watches can be worn by men or women, so think: you can share with your besties or spouse. (Many thanks, DW, for sharing these timepieces AND code with us!) 

Hats are another newer accessory to me – this summer I’ve been extra conscious of getting proper sun protection in the hour+ commute outside. In addition to learning about sunscreens (which I wrote about here) wearing a stylish, well made , “fewer is better” hat from Cuyana made my summer and went everywhere – from errands, on top of Québec city to the beach in Nantucket.



(a closer look at the blue… + a special, custom lava and greek leather bracelet from inspireebys!)

Ah, I had some fun making this little video with the Time Traveler – the Daniel Wellington van traveling up and down the east coast. #eastcoastbestcoast

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Popped in to the mobile pop-up of the Daniel Wellington Time Traveler 🚌 van in front of 211 Newbury St and picked up a gorgeous new, classic timepiece in limited edition blue ! 💙💙💙 I know it will match all my new navy favs impeccably. I also had fun in the photo booth – stop by and check out all the watches and grab a drink and snack while you shop. If you're eyeing a watch, use BLUEBOOTSGO for 15% off on the truck or online! They'll be on Newbury St. all day and catch them in Penn next week on their East Coast tour! 👀 #DWontour to follow where the Time Traveler goes! #danielwellington. c/o @danielwellington. Check out my instastory to watch the initials engraver in action too! #newburystreet #photobooth #sponsored

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Checkout this Amazing video from Nantucket! It makes me want a drone with a camera to get such an amazing vantage point.

I didn’t wear many scarves all summer long, but I’ll be sure to have a fun fall favorite accessories post soon and chat about those – I have a great love for patterned fabrics and there are few accessories as versatile and practical as a scarf – warmth on the go, packable, and can turn a monochrome outfit into a chic one with one drape, or vice versa – a colorful outfit played down.

I wanted to make sure to share a few classic style ideas, and would love to hear your favorites. What’s most important to you in selecting accessories for the day? Is it all about the clothes instead?

OK, so if you’re not in the market for a new watch, or hat, or scarf, or jewelry – I’m taking this opportunity to remind you all that you have a VERY important accessory at your disposal – a SMILE! Smiling activates muscles in your face, makes you a pleasant person to be around, and uplifts your mood. When you’re dealing with stress, try this experiment – make yourself smile. Take notice of how you’re feeling. Any better? Yup. I thought so. For my musical-lovers out there, remember “You’re never fully dressed, without a smile!”

Oh, and it is Paris Fashion week! I’ve been following Paris in Four Months on Instagram and her instagram stories – they really highlight the style of Paris Fashion Week. Yesterday I saw a fashion show of beautiful floral prints that took place in the Jardin des Plantes – absolutely the perfect venue for it. Otherwise, Carin Olsson’s feed constantly takes me back to Paris, which both is and isn’t a problem.

That’s all for today – hope you have fun thinking about accessible and practical and classic accessories and see you back here soon!



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