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Happy (almost) November! Connecting with Gifting + a giveaway with JORD Wood Watches

With November, comes that momentum propelling us to the holidays, coziness, great food, gathering with family – and holiday shopping. We are adventurers, B. and I, and we try to make choices as conscious consumers to purchase thoughtfully, vote with our $ when possible, and ensure that what we end up with flows with our lifestyle.

Let me tell you a story.

One thing I’ve come to appreciate this year in my yoga practice as a part of #mywellnessjourney is becoming conscious of the ground beneath me, supporting and grounding me. Lying down on a mat – be it in a studio, or outdoors under the sky and in the breeze, has taken on a new meaning.

It’s a unique feeling to be in contact with something that is living and organic.

In its own little way, wearing wood accomplishes a degree of connection with something organic, smooth, and a reminder of nature.

Case in point: I actually have a wooden necklace that I LOVE, designed by local Boston artisans, JOYO.

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I'll let you in on a secret. When I'm away on a trip, I love to bring back one cool piece of artistic jewelry and when I'm not traveling, I pretend I am traveling when I'm at art festivals because getting something there promises to be just as much of a beautiful and unique treat! At the Coolidge Corner Arts Festival at the beginning of June, we (separately) came across 🌞<<JOYO>>🌞, a husband&wife duo that makes really cool wood jewelry and accessories. While I was looking around at the skyline earrings, and engraved Boston map on a belt, I saw a woman try on a different ▪️geometric ▪️piece and I was STUNNED at how beautiful and unique it was actually on her. I came away with this beautiful necklace cut in maple wood and on a delicate 14K gold chain and I truly love how unique it is. They're at the weekly sowa market in Boston too if you want to look for Jenn or Damo Liddiard! // Day 16 of the #CGScreative #CGSphotochallenge is #geometric!

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There is something grounding about it, and contrary to my previous thought, wood is actually very lightweight! I particularly like not feeling weighed down by a watch – it is an accessory but also functional, so you know that I like to streamline my #comfychic style.

Keep reading for: style inspiration + a giveaway (where everyone wins something! yay!)

Knowing this, I wanted to gift something special to my husband. He hadn’t worn a watch in his adult life before this year (well, maybe a short-lived stint in college with a $10 little watch with an alarm on it that he didn’t love and decided he didn’t need or like.) Plus, smart phones basically made an all-in-one companion. I hear your argument, you who don’t wear watches – but this year, I also heard anew my darling dearest express interest in a watch, if I would choose one for him. In a culture where people are constantly plugged in to their phones, buzzing, vibrating, and pinging all day with notifications, taking out a phone at dinner or at a meeting at work to check the time can be misconstrued or look like someone is rudely “checking out” of the gathering. Am I right?

To this end, I’ve actually been encouraged to see a little pro-watch movement stirring – you all on Instagram have been commenting that you also are happy to see watches making a comeback – whether it is mainly for style, lifestyle, or function, something about watches lately is appealing to people. Yes!

So when I came across JORD, a handcrafted watch maker with a distinctly different vision for timepieces, and they suggested a selection of men’s and women’s watches, I thought – PERFECT. I’ll get him something that will be functional, firstly, but also look awesome dressed up or down.


Fall is a great time of year for new beginnings, and for me, encouraging an incremental evolution of style now is opportune.


If you’re thinking about getting someone a watch as a gift, have a look at the selection from JORD. Why? Because they’re noticeably different. Have you seen a wooden watch in action?

Ideas for: Mom’s…….Dad’s………’s………..sisters…….friends. A “congrats on that promotion!” or “Happy Holidays!” But, as you can tell, I’m actually a big proponent of the “just because” gifts – the element of surprise always works to your advantage! Oh, and they just started a new engraving service too – so you can add something personalized to your gift.


Some of my favorite looks for Men:

Sawyer in Ebony and Ultramarine (the model pictured here), to see other Men’s Watches

(source: L to R, clockwise. 94A-Dark Sandalwood//Conway-Kosso+Midnight Blue //Conway-Dark Sandalwood+Burgundy//Delmar-Dark Sandalwood + Obsidian Carbon//Fieldcrest-Maple images via

Let me just add here, that this particular watch I got B. comes in a few different wood-color patterns and is self-winding. That means, no batteries required. Ever. Which is a good thing for the environment – no more piles of batteries lying around waiting to be recycled, or worse, thrown furtively in the trash. Check! 

There are a few women’s watches I have my eye on too….

Some of my favorite looks for Women:

I liked the Frankie (many color combinations and sizes of the watch face) and Cora (you can see the gears!)  To see other Women’s Watches 

(source: L to R: Cora//Frankie-Dark Sandalwood+Slate//Frankie-Dark Sandalwood+Smoke//Frankie-Dark Sandalwood + Emerald. images via

Plus, my heart throbs a little for proper packaging – this wooden box makes a great place to store things – it even has a little drawer.  It is the perfect place to store men’s cufflinks or collar stays, and for women,  bracelets and rings. Also, if you want someone who is historically late to everything to be on time, you can nudge them with a helpful gift….. 😉


To help you achieve your style/gifting/adventuring goals, I partnered with JORD to offer you a chance (for a limited time until November 13, 2016) to win a $75 gift card to JORD. All you have to do is enter your name and email at the link below, and just for participating, you will automatically get an email with $20 gift card to JORD. Then, you will be entered to win and one lucky winner will get both the $20 e-gift card + $75 e-gift code emailed to them. Gifting, done. Check! If you’re stuck between any options, I’m happy to help with suggestions if I can, too 🙂 -let me know in the comments, or send me an email.

Enter for your automatic $20 gift card + a chance to win a $75 gift card here!  

Not ready to buy anything, but might be later? No problem. The winner of the $75 e-gift card or $20 e-gift cards will have plenty of time to shop, as both will expire on 2/28/2017.

Have a wonderful beginning to November!


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by JORD watches. All the opinions, stories, and sentiments expressed here are all my own. Thank you very much for supporting the makers and brands that help me produce great content here on Where the BlueBoots Go!

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  1. I really enjoyed the pictures and to see the watch in a natural environment. I also love the smooth feeling of the watch. It does not pinch and there are no holes/straps to worry about.

    Thank you bluebootsgo!

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