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Classic Chianti Accessories For Fall

For as long as I can remember, there I was, ogling over the jewel tones in life. Perhaps it is a royal mindset, or a mere appreciation for velvet that started with my first (and only) wine-colored velvet scrunchie as a child, but all in all, color me wine-happy, for wine red is my color of choice.

Case in point: one of my wedding colors was this vino inspired shade.

Wine-Colored Bridesmaid DressesCaptured by Forevercandid Photography

Wine-Colored Wedding Bouquet

Captured by Forevercandid Photography

One moment, while I bring style & science together over this lovely color for #sciencewithsanae – red wine is thought to have an anti aging, antioxidant compound found in the skins of red grapes called resveratrol.  Scientists are still studying exactly how your glass of red wine  might help you stay heart healthy, but one possibility is that it helps protect the integrity of blood vessels that surround and supply your heart. Scientists are also studying how and why compounds like resveratrol could slow your DNA from shortening (which happens with aging.) So, you can’t blame me if this color is somehow tied to healthy sophistication and style that doesn’t get old ;).

Back to style.

When it comes to accessories, while black is classy and dependable, and cognac saddle a rich and bright color, this deep color that falls somewhere between red, purple, and brown spells intrigue. 

I shop carefully, and opt for quality pieces that 1) I can wear day in and day out, and 2) will give me a little thrill of happy to reach for it. It’s an uphill battle, friends, to update your look as you change, and if you live in a place with seasons, as seasons change — all without ending up with clutter or things you don’t really like but can’t bear to just get rid of.

These are two pieces that I think are Chianti Classics because they’re beautiful, and are well-made and wearable.

First up:

Slim penny loafers that are polished and make feet look good. They’re also quite comfortable and the suede stretches to fit.

m.gemi "The Carta" penny loafer in chianti


Shop here: M.Gemi “The Carta” Penny Loafer in Chianti

On Second:

The second piece is a medium transport tote. The leather is soft, the bag is beautiful and will age well – it has unique character from the process, and each one is a little different. The large totes have been very popular, but I like this medium cross body/shoulder bag/hand bag option because it is just the right size to hold a laptop and what you need for the day, while giving you a couple of hands-free options. Although I’m partial to the dark cabernet, it comes in a lot of colors as well, including a classic black.

Madewell medium transport tote in Dark Cabernet


Shop here: Madewell Medium Transport Tote in Dark Cabernet

As an extra perk, you can sign up for a free program with Madewell called Madewell Insiders, and get free shipping, returns, hemming, and monogramming on leather goods (usually $10).

Summer’s stone fruits, cherries and plums, also boast this lovely shade, as if nature itself, creator of all original shades, has made it a point as well to warm our palettes and palates up for Fall’s IT color. Bonus: cherries are also rich in antioxidants to protect our cells from environmental damage.


Eat up, and enjoy classic chianti in your glass, on a fruit, or in these 2 of my favorites (linked so they are shoppable for you unstoppable and savvy style mavens).

Hope you love chianti classics a little more 😉 and perhaps even learned something about the *goodness* of this color for your health ;). I’m only partially kidding. But have a great day, and rest of the week!

cheers blueboots

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